Prime Time Sports – Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Prime Time Sports – Tuesday 20 Novemeber 2012

by Alex

Prime Time Sports – Tuesday, 20 November 2012

4:00 phone calls

Notes: Bob has already adopted Zaun’s “speed power speed power” mantra.

5:00 hour co-host Stephen Brunt

Segment 1 – open segment

* Discussion of Anthopolous speaking French
* Brunt drops a Citizen Kane reference about Bob
* Discussion of John Gibbons hire and his previous stint
* Brunt says this is an “all-in” moment for Anthopolous
* Catcher talk
* bob asks Rogers to show Spring Training baseball next year

Notes: Will Bob get upset when spring training games pre-empt PTS?

Segment 2 – Nick Kypreos

* How bilingual is Nick?
* Negotiation update
* All-Star game cancellations
* When is drop dead date for ending season?
* Nick says beginning of January

Notes: nothing new

segment 3. – Brian Cooper

* Kraft cancels Hockeyville
* How long until Hockey Day in Canada is axed?
* fans are more cynical than in 2004-5
* Cooper puts over John Collins
* what % of $3.3 billion will NHL have next year?
* Is there an out in NBC deal?

Notes: NBC is not going to bail on NHL while they (Comcast) own one of the teams

6:00 Hour

segment 1 – Alex Anthopolous

* Discussion of Alex’s speaking French
* blow by blow of Marlins trade
* trade almost fell apart because of John Buck & Jeff Mathis
* Alex says cash in trade was more than $8 million
* Johnson impending free agency an issue?
* Alex says they’ve been able to resign everyone they wanted
* Alex praises Bonafacio, not sure where he will play
* Alex says they wanted Cabrera even during season
* Alex wanted 2 year deal. they wanted 1 year deal.
* Discussion of Gibbons hiring
* Alex makes sure to thank Rogers for opening pocketbook

Notes: everything you have been waiting to hear all week. Or at least what Alex will discuss in public.

Segment 2 – John Gibbons

* everyone admits how surprised they were in the hiring
* Gibbons thought he was coming for a coaching interview
* discussion of incidents from Gibbons ‘ first stint
* Gibbons’ past relationship with Cabrera
* picking coaches

Notes: good introductory interview. is Gibbons already a FOB?

Segment 3 – Pat Hentgen

* Gibbons was 1st base coach during Pat’s playing career

* Bob asks why Gibbons never got re-hired. Pat says GMs have favorites.

*Pat says something best thing for manager to do is get out of the players’ way.

* Pat doesn’t know if he would want to be a coach on Gibbons’ staff if asked.

* Bob “loves this guy.” Definitely a FOB.

Notes: Hentgen likes choice, as it sounds like he had good relationship with him during his playing days.


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