Prime Time Sports – Wednesday 21 November 2012

By Alex

4:00 Hour – Phone Calls

Blue Jays, CFL, etc

Notes: Bob made reference to people asking abput lack of CFL talk on show.

5:00 Hour – Co-host Stephen Brunt

Segment 1 – open segment

* Bob deals with wildlife at Chez Bob
* Bob’s old dogs vs a skunk
* Bob’s golden doodle dog vs a hamster
* discussion of NHL talks today
* Changing the national sport
* Fish murdering

Notes: another day of outdoors talk with Brunt

Segment 2 – Marc Cohan, CFL Commissioner

* Brunt plugs his Grey Cup book
* Discussion of Cohan not being on the show
* Grey Cup gala
* no Braley Bowl
* Grey Cup returning to Toronto
* Grey Cup rotation

Notes: what a surprise.  A gratuitous number of cheap shots about Cohan being on with a large audience and such.  bob being Bob i guess.

Segment 3 – Scott Mitchell, President Hamilton Tiger-Cats

* Attendance in Guelph for Ti-Cats games next year
* All home games in Guelph not a done deal yet
* Offer to have games hosted in US, but not doing it
* Buffalo was one offer
* getting season ticket holders to Guelph

Notes: Brunt, as a season ticket holder, was a very eager questioner in this segment, about where he will have to travel next season.

6:00 Hour

Segment 1 – Bob Ryan

* view of Jays/Marlins trade in Boston
* Ryan says Boston would still be fifth in AL East right now
* Boston would have been interest in Johnson
* Trade puts pressure on Ben Sherrington
* Ryan says neutral fans would love to see Sox / Yankees miss playoffs
* Ryan talks about a Red Sox STH letter from last season
* fans in Boston think John Henry distracted by Liverpool
* Boston fans jealous of Dodgers money
* resurgence of Notre Dame

Notes: good of Ryan to admit he was one of people who said Notre Dame would not be relevant again.

Segment 2 – Butch Carter

Basketball talk

Segment 3 – John Shannon

* “dire but not that dire” is how Shannon described today
* Shannon says they are finally both talking apples
* Players shocked there wasn’t more movement from league
* No public acknowledge by league that progress was made
* Bob annoyed they are taking the holiday off
* Shannon says next bunch of games will be cancelled Friday
* Bob has run out of questions about lockout
* Shannon says these talks should have happened in August
* Shnnon expects decertification talk, which will drive Bob crazy

Notes: Shannon in the third segment is manageable


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