Prime Time Sports – Thursday, 22 November 2012

By Alex


Prime Time Sports – Thursday 22 November 2012

4:00 Hour – Phone Calls

*A caller asks if Lance Armstrong really had cancer.
* Bob tries to explain decertification

Notes: Bob now wants to be called ahead of time if he’s not going to be on TV.

5:00 Hour – Co-host Stephen Brunt

Segment 1 – open segment

* Bob trying to get turkey on US Thanksgiving
* Marty the House at the Fairmont hotel downtown
* Brunt and living in Hamilton
* Decertification talk

Notes: Not enough about marty the horse.

Segment 2 – Neil Smith

* Lockout talk
* Studio configurations
* Eastern league update
* Lack of coverage of lockout in US

Notes: Why is Neil Smith ever on the show?

Segment 3 – Arash Madani

* CFL Awards Show tonight
* Marty the Horse talk
* News from team practices

Notes: No actual mention of who actually is up for the CFL awards

6:00 Hour

Segment 1 – Damian Cox

* Complaints about Cox’s phone
* discussion of Cox’s article about retired players
* Morale issue or legal issue?
* Should Nhl/Nhlpa do something now?
* Bob asks if current players need a  pension?
* Cox thinks “make whole” argument is flawed

Notes: bad phone line aside, good segment with Cox.

Segment 2 – Bob McKeown, CBC

* Discussion of McKeown’s CFL career and pension
* Discussion of Fifth Estate piece on Lance Armstrong
* Brunt brings up all the people who have bailed on Armstrong
* McKewon gives brief history of Armstrong’s cheating

Notes: few things better than debunking a hypocrite, in this case, Lance Armstrong.

Segment 3 – Brunt’s cartoon

* Cartoon of Brunt’s CFL Grey Cup essay played
* Bob has issue with all the sound effects
* Bob promotes new doc about Saskatoon Blades

Notes: Cartoon is very cool Flash animation piece.

Photo available here

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