Prime Time Sports – Friday 23 November 2012

By Alex

4:00 Hour

Segment 1 – Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated

* Who is McCann rooting for in the Grey Cup?
* Decertification Primer
* Precedents in other leagues
* McCann says he would file pre-emptive lawsuit if he was the NHLPA
* Bob say this could take years in court.

notes: McCann does good job in trying to speak to the layman on this issue.

Segment 2 – Doug Smith, Toronto Star

* Smith is hitting the Grey Cup parties
* Smith happy not to be covering Raptors / Pistons tonight
* Bob expected a bigger splash. A lot like 2007.
* Smith wants to ride Marty the Horse
* nursing convention also taking place at royal york hotel
* Bob has not invited to any parties
* Bob will watch game on his infamous big ass TV

Notes: Bob says he was not invited to any parties, so he will not compare them to 2007, when he was on the committee

Segment 3 – Roundtable preview

* will Argos really make $12m on Grey Cup?
* New stadium for Argos?

Notes: Bob takes another shot at Argos attendance

5:00 Hour – Friday Roundtable – Stephen Brunt, John Shannon, Elliotte Friedman

Segment 1 – Blue Jay Offseason

* Bob recaps horrible 2012 year for Jays
* Freidman brings up Jays didn’t give up best prospects
* Recap of Gibbons and AA interviews
* Shannon think its still a big risk
* discussion of Hispanic manager/ coaches
* Friedman discusses Adam Lind interview from Blair show
* Who will be closer in 2013?
* No Fan 590 Xmas party this year

Notes:  hopefully, the lastJays segment discussing the trade and Gibbons. It seems like a beat to death subject at this point.

Segment 2 –  Raptors talk

* Vanier Cup discussion
* Friedman says Cox will be insufferable if McMaster and Notre Dame win
* Brunt says “less sufferable”
* Raptors have not seized opportunity in hockey vacuum
* non-call in Charlotte
* PTS BINGO: Bob makes an Alphonseand Gastone reference

Notes: hard to imagine a more insufferable Damian Cox

Segment 3 – World Baseball Classic 2013

* No games at Skydome and training camp in Phoenix
*  Jays want them to train in Dunedin
* Shannon would have all teams in Phoenix
* Friedman brings up Beeston incident from past WB
* Bob talks about Us v Canada in past WBC
* Bob compares it to Winter Classic
* Friedman suggests a Bob Drinking game

Notes: does Elliotte not know about PTS Bingo?

6:00 Hour – Friday Roundtable – Stephen Brunt, John Shannon, Elliotte Friedman

Segment 1 – CFL / Grey Cup

* CFL Commish State of League Address
* 6/8 teams making money or breaking even
* Hamilton and Toronto are the other two
* Brunt says Argos are biggest CFL problem
* Bob tells his Argos/jays story from April 1977
* jays and leafs have ups and downs, but no hardly any ups for Argos
* Bob talks about McNall/Gretzky era of Argos
* Shannon discuss demographics of Jays and Argos
* Brunt says its cyclical everywhere but Toronto
* Brunt wonders what happens if they put grass in Skydome
* Bob brings up stadium at York University
* Friedman asks about Braley’s future as owner
* Friedman thinks a league-owned Argos is a possibility
* Bob asks if they could survive without a team in Toronto?
* Friedman asks if Rogers / MLSE would buy team?

Notes:  Funny how Bob says he doesn’t want to rain on Grey Cup parade, but this segment did a good job of it.

Segment 2 – Decertification / Lockout Talk

* Cancellation of Dec games and All-Star Game
* Columbus is not getting next ASG or one for 5 years
* Shannon says 2017 game will be in Toronto
* A month away for latest season can probably start
* Shannon thinks they have a 60 game season schedule for December 15 ready
* Friedman points to Dec 5 board of governors meeting for news
* Friedman talks about his doing decertification homework
* Bob says jurisdiction is important if there’s a lawsuit
* is player discontentment just white noise?
* Brunt will take it seriously if agents start to turn

Notes: thoughtful discussion without Shannon monopolizing conversation

Segment 3 – Prime Time Bullets

* Health update on Hector “Macho” Camacho
* Paul Henderson elected to IIHF hall of fame
* MLB Network coming to Canada?
* Bob says Red Zone Chanel s for gamblers or idiots

Notes: surprised this was first time Camacho has been discussed, especially with Brunt as co-host.

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