The Twitter Effect On NHL CBA


Wow, what a wild couple of days!

The Blue Jays trade is a thing of the past. The Gibbons shocker has set in. The NHL labor talks are no closer to resolution and well the Raptors are disappointing. What is there left to talk about?

Well, the Argos for one right? I mean Loserville finally has a champ.

I can’t wait to see how many “fans” are at the parade, tomorrow….right?

Mayor Ford got the boot this am which took the Argos out of the news pretty damn quickly.

Then the story broke that the NHL and NHLPA had agreed to US federal mediation. Not really a good thing or a bad thing, but in my opinion more a time waster until both parties realize how close to the bring they really are. Of course the news contained the names of the mediators and then all hell broke loose.

One of the mediators has a twitter account and hats off to those who unearthed the guys account which was filled with nasty tweets to a variety of people including comedian Sarah Silverman. Then as quickly as he was appointed, he was given the boot, fired before he even got started.

Mark Spector has a nice rundown on the whole, seriously bizarre thing here:

“Within minutes Guy Serota — sing it (to the tune of My Sharona): G’ G’ G’ Guuuuy Serota! — one of three mediators assigned to the job was outed as one of two things: a man who would tweet racist, demeaning comments towards a Jewish woman, or an upstanding member of the mediation community whose twitter account had been (cough, cough) hacked.

What would mediation mean to the NHL’s negotiation process? Who cares, we asked, when one of the mediators thinks that Kardashians “are what is wrong with this country,” and wears a t-shirt that sports a mohawk wearing skull overtop the word “AssMode.”

It was an all-out reporting offensive which, against all odds, found a new level of ridicule inside this NHL labour situation.”

Can you imagine the call Guy Serota made to his wife (assuming he has (or had) one)?

“Guess what honey, I am going to mediate the hockey lockout!”

1 hour later….

“Oh, that job? I didn’t want it anyways”

I mean wow, how do you explain this one????

I love the, my account was hacked excuse. As if.

It’s hard to imagine in this day and age a federal mediator could be so careless with their own social media profiles.

We all should thank the guy for breaking what was otherwise going to be a very dull day.


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