Time For Coverage Of Lockout To End


When tomorrow’s farcical owners/players meeting, where league and union reps will also be attending, fails, can we all agree to tone out the coverage of the lockout entirely?

Did anyone hear the first segment on Hockey Central at noon today?

As I was driving into work listening, I kid you not I was looking for some gasoline and a match.

The debates everywhere on what every little thing means has just gotten silly.

Someone sneezes and we get play by play from 50 different outlets.

Seriously, I think the list of owners attending this session was source tweeted by 150 different people that I follow alone.

Larry Brooks wrote an entire column about how his Rangers exec wanted to be included in the meetings and agents and insiders alike write things like, “I hear Dolan wanted to be at meetings”. Ya hear? Come on, we have to be better than this.

Someone quips how nice it is that the Sunday Star has no mention of the CBA talks and the next day it’s all CBA all the time.

Ask the average Canadian hockey fan how much they care about CBA coverage. The numbers are tiny.

Worse than that, those who cover the game now fancy themselves as business and legal experts.

You want to know how bad things are? Bill Watters isn’t taking pot shots at Maple Leafs Owner Larry Tannenbaum:

““I’m not sure what impact he will have at the meeting,” said former Leafs executive, player agent and hockey commentator Bill Watters. “But he’ll be representing the richest team in the league, one that is losing a lot of money the longer the lockout goes on. But Larry has been through the NBA lockout, too, and that’s in his favour.”

What no daddy’s money jokes Bill?????

The harsh reality is, the only two people who know what the @[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected] is going on aren’t going to be at the meetings tomorrow. The only chance I gave these meetings of having went out the door when each side was allowed to have one staffer each attend and we get Steve Fehr and Bill Daly.

I also love this crap from union experts about how they wouldn’t have let the players go to this meeting. Honestly? Was Donald Fehr born yesterday? What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen as a result of the players attending this meeting? The 6 players walk out and say, we need to get a deal done at the owners terms?? As unlikely as that seems to be, doesn’t Fehr work for the players, so how is that such a horrible thing? It’s all irrelevant. Nothing is going to happen.

So the scribes are all down in Nashville awaiting confirmation of the Blue Jays next move. They aren’t going to report on rumors as the Toronto press corp don’t seem to find those. More importantly, the Blue Jays have clearly demonstrated that the closer something is to a rumor the more unlikely it is to be in the works.

I’m thinking of driving down to Portland to see the Raptors play on the 10th. Anyone else going to be there?


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