Tuesday Sports Night Wrap-up


Do you remember the day when Jeff Blair was only a really good baseball writer? He wrote an awesome, Blair of old like article in the Globe that you should really check out. On John Farrell he writes, and I’ve trimmed it down a bit for ease of reading

“General manager Alex Anthopoulos explained again that if the Blue Jays did not get “proper value back” for Farrell he wouldn’t have been traded to the Red Sox. Proper value, in this case, was a journeyman infielder; a 25th man who was in turn dealt to the Cleveland Indians for a bullpen arm. John Farrell was traded for ‘Meh …’

He then finished his article by writing:

“Anthopoulos essentially said Tuesday that Farrell was not approached about an extension as a means of smoking out his true intentions because, well, because he had other things on his plate.

He would never say it was because he realized Farrell wasn’t the right guy for this team, but if he truly believes Mike Aviles was good value in return, it’s all anybody needs to know.”


Blair is down in Nashville at the Winter Meetings. One has to believe that the Toronto scribes are starting to learn more about what happened in the Toronto front offices this past season. I love Blair’s assessment. Brilliant.

Don’t look now Blue Jays fans, but optimism is running rampant. This can’t be good can it?

Two interesting things I heard this morning.

The first was Doug MacLean who said the players keep saying we’ve gone down to 50-50 aren’t telling the truth, that really they aren’t going to 50-50 until year 4 out of a 5 year deal and that’s not going to fly. Few are picking up on the subtlety.

Then Kypreos kept saying how the fifth year of any new deal would be the leagues 100th anniversary, implying that there is no way that the league will allow the anniversary year to be another locked out one. I don’t know about you, but were there all kinds of people saying that there was no way the league would allow the Maple Leafs/ Red Wings winter classic to be cancelled either?

So the owner of Detroit Red Wings wants the city of Detroit and state of Michigan to help build him a new arena. Lousy timing many would think given how things are in that part of the world these days. However, one blogger disagrees:

“First and foremost, it’s much easier to enter into a legally binding agreement with the City of Detroit before the in-fighting between Mayor Bing, the City Council and the State officially puts the city into bankruptcy sooner than later, and if Ilitch Holdings plans on entering into said agreement, time is of the essence, because the reality show that is Detroit politics makes those nut-jobs in Washington look downright competent.”

That’s one of the greatest, most amusing theories I’ve ever read.

So, it sounds like it’s put up or shut up town in the NHL. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Until then:

Have you seen this clip from Hockey Central at Noon?

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