Doug MacLean & Nick Kypreos Have At It


Those of you who get pissy at me for not having posts each and every day don’t get that it’s not easy some times to come up with material. Today however there’s almost too much. Wow.

Clearly this lockout is getting to everyone. Fans are no longer fighting against other fans (ie from other teams), it’s now MSMers v MSMers, Players v media, Media vs Agents and it’s everywhere especially if you live on social networks.

One of the highlights of the day was on hockey central at noon when Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean went at it. It started right after an interesting segment with John Shannon. Maclean has been more pro owners while Kypreos clearly on the players side of things. Kypreos, in response to something MacLean said, said that guys who make the league minimum, $575k a year aren’t “doing so well, in big markets like LA, especially after taxes”. It went downhill rather quickly as the two talking heads who are usually quite entertaining didn’t disappoint except that things turned personal.

“Maybe that’s why you never won in Columbus, because you crapped all over third- and fourth-liners.” Ripped Kypreos to MacLean

“Maybe that’s why you only had an eight-year career, ir why you got kicked out. Don’t start throwing darts when you don’t know what you’re talkin’ about okay Nick” fired back MacLean

The rest of the segment was pretty inaudible as the two were yelling at each other with Daren Millard trying to settle them down.

Now, I have no clue what was going on in the studio, I was driving in my car at the time. So I have no clue if it were a real thing or what, but it certainly sounded like they were heated and I don’t recall them ever getting so personal. Regardless, it made for good radio.

While I know what Kypreos was trying to say, his guys making $575k aren’t doing so well didn’t come across very well. While I don’t think players are necessarily looking for people to shed a tear for them, I can’t imagine too many of us working stiffs feel badly for the poor guys only making $575 a year.

It didn’t stop there though. There were snips all over the internet today.

Bill Simmons and Bob Mckenzie had a nice little tweet for tweet:

Bill Simmons: Sad we have to go to a Canadian website to read any meaty articles about the NHL talks collapsing.…

Bob McKenzie : @BillSimmons @Real_ESPNLeBrun @ESPN_Burnside And I mustn’t forget @KatieStrangESPN. So, c’mon Bill, do your homework.

Bill Simmons: You misunderstood the reason for my original tweet. But thanks for listing every ESPN writer, that wasn’t obnoxious at all.

Bob McKenzie: @BillSimmons Well, I’m glad to hear that, Bill. Because in hockey, you mess with one, you mess with all.

Bill Simmons: @TSNBobMcKenzie Went on U.S. websites 90 mins after Bettman’s speech, couldn’t find much info except from Puck Daddy. That was the point.

Bob Mckenzie: @BillSimmons And let me assure you, you were “misunderstood” by more than just me.

Bob Mckenzie: @BillSimmons But happy to hear it was only a misunderstanding. My friends are happy too. Enjoy the night.

Agent Alan Walsh went at it with another scribe, this time Michael Russo who covers the Minnesota Wild:

Walsh: You’re quite the unbiased journalist. I work for players, I admit right up front where I stand. What’s your excuse? @[email protected]

Russo: I care about the future of the NHL. You’ve been defaming it for 4 months. What’s your excuse? @walsha

Walsh: I love the game, been involved in it my whole life. Watched owners lockout now 3 for 3, destroying your NHL again. @Russostrib

Which spurred on former player turned MSMer Craig Simpson to chime in:

Simpson: @walsha Allan, without the NHL, what would working for the players look like for you?

And then Damien piped in

Damien : @walsha Hey, @Russotrib has integrity, unlike yourself. Look it up sometime. Take it out for a spin.

Larry Brooks was on Avs writer Adrain Dater too:
Brooks: Regarding @adater tweet that mgt person refers to Fehr as “suicide bomber.” We are a few miles from Ground Zero. Have these people no shame?

On the topic of the lockout, did I not tell you that this was going to nuclear before a deal got done. This was so predictable.

Meanwhile, did you happen to catch the load of crap in Perkins column today?

“That said, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Sometimes that new penthouse turns out to be in the Trump Tower. It’s the first week of December, so nearly four months from the first pitches in anger. All these other supposed victims of the Jays in the American League East have yet to finish their own retooling for next season. Let’s wait a while.”

Ok, fans are excited, but have you seen what the media have been writing and saying? Hell, his own colleague wrote a column saying that the Blue Jays are the AL favorite right now in his mind.

“Granted, perspective may be in short supply in a city where the Raptors again look overmatched and the Maple Leafs have chosen to lock their doors on their employees and customers.”

First, the Raptors don’t look overmatched, they look lost, they look like amateurs, they look like they don’t care.

Second, you can shove the unanimous ownership commitment to the fight, but the Maple Leafs are the Donald Fehr of the teams, they’d much rather be playing then be locked out. I would suggest that saying that the Leafs have chosen to lock out anyone is a far stretch from reality.

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