Is Bob McCown Right On The Toronto Raptors?


I could have grabbed the family and driven the 2 hours down to Portland to catch the Raptors the other night on their lone visit to the pacific NW. After seeing and hearing about their past performances I decided against it. Another wise choice.

This team is materially broken and no one that I have read or heard has any answers.

Tonight Bob McCown had a great chat with Jack Armstrong about the team and what to do. I’ve summarized the last half below. McCown suggested that his problem is he likes both the GM and the coach, and usually when he calls for a head he doesn’t but given how bad things are, someone needs to be fired for this.

Armstrong “My move would be to bring both guys in and tell them to stick together, that they have 60 games left and you guys have to figure it out”
McCown “These guys built this team, they’ve already committed to this group and it’s not working”
Armstrong “what’s the alternative? you are going to promote an assistant…..
McCown “No, I’d promote Butch Carter”
Armstrong: That’s not happening. I’m surprised he hasn’t had an opportunity elswhere. I don’t count that as an alternative.”
McCown ” I know the issues there, he lives in Toronto, what do you have to lose, I don’t know if he’d take it for the rest of the year.”
Armstrong “Of course he’d take it, I can name 10 execs and 10 coaches, i won’t do that because situation you are in b/c you stand by your people. if you stand by Bryan Colangelo at end of season, and you are Larry Tanenbaum and you are 20 games in you still stick with it, but you are hanging by a thread. What you do is a thorough search search for gm and coach at the end of the year.”
McCown “mlse is king of thorough gm and coach search, do we need a committee?”
Armstrong I don’t know if they know how to do it. I have more confidence of them doing a thorough search in april as opposed to in season”
McCown “we will agree to disagree- i’ve seen enough, it’s gone to hell in a handbasket since Bosh. This isn’t 4-5 bad weeks, it’s been 3 years, someone has to pay”
Armstrong “the payment is in April not now.”
Interview ends
McCown “We strongly disagree. I respect Jacks view point. I don’t have a fast trigger finger to fire people unless they are an idiot, it didn’t take long to figure out JP Ricardi or the bonehad Raptors GM. I like these guys, problem is the players can’t play. This thing is so broken, there is no risk at all, it’s rare you have the chance to fix it by doing anything.”

Really good take by McCown who echoed the same frustration that I hear/read from Raptors fans and even those who cover them.

The first thing I think that needs to be asked is what’s the goal for the rest of the season, what are you trying to accomplish, because I don’t know what that is.

Armstrong said earlier that no one thought they would be a playoff team, but they did think they would compete. Right now they aren’t doing that. So is that the goal? To put a team out there that competes?

Firing a coach or GM has to have a purpose.

I think you only fire the GM if you don’t believe he is the right guy to fix the mess. If the team has to be blown up, then the question is do you want the current GM to do the blowing.

The biggest question is, who at MLSE is qualified to make the decision. Does anyone trust the braintrust there to do it?

McCown makes a great point, how much worse can it get by doing something that doesn’t work. I guess the response is that you don’t make a move just to make a move.

Either way, it was McCown as passionate as you ever see him. It was a good segment.

Word on the street is that Scott Woodgate’s number 2 at Sportsnet pulled the rip cord today. For those not familar, Woodgate is the Vice President – News and Information at Rogers on the Sportsnet side. So the Director of Content apparently upped and left. I haven’t been able to find out why, yet. It’s a curious thing for sure.

More tomorrow….


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