Toronto sports media weekend poll: news??


Besides a Raptors win, what a shitty Friday.

Couple of folks emailed me this question, thought it would make a good poll question:

Today, when news of the tragedy broke, do you think all sports radio stations should have started to “cover” that story? If so, why or when? If not, do you think it’s ever warranted?

Any personal attacks on the political issue of guns will be deleted.

Personally, I think the right call is to mention it, to accept calls or comments on it but to stick to the topic at hand. People tune in to hear sports. The odd comment or question is okay and to totally ignore it would be odd. I was in Detroit for 9/11. I’m pretty sure eventually the sports station basically picked up a national news feed as it was such a huge event and there was no sports to talk about. Everything was cancelled. That’s my 2 cents

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