Oh Dickey You’re So Fine


Round and round we go….

The NY Times isn’t overly impressed with the deal for the NYers:

“The New York Post has gone breathless. D’Arnaud, its writers insist, is a pure stud. He has, in fact, put up some big numbers in the minors and that’s promising. He’s also torn a knee and had two bulging discs in his back, at the tender age of 23. And the road from the low minors, where Syndergaard now tosses, to the majors is an uncertain one for pitchers. Can I take a two-year flier on Noah hype?”

The NY Post likes the deal for the Mets:

“Ouch. Well, I’ve never portrayed Dickey as greedy, because he has been the opposite of greedy. I just think he’s high-maintenance, that’s all. And I think this trade from a baseball standpoint is very defendable for the Mets. It’s a very good return for the Mets. So if I come off as a shill for Mets ownership, that’s an unfortunate coincidence”

Curious how the deal on the extension went down? Toronto Star writer Richard Griffin has the scoop:

“We went out for what was supposed to be drinks or coffee, it became a four-hour event that turned into dinner and it was outstanding,” Anthopoulos recalled. “Time flew. We met up at about four o’clock and it was now 8:30 p.m. at night. We went somewhere else to have a coffee, we closed the place down at one in the morning, they threw us out, went back to the hotel, stayed in the lobby, talked some more till about three in the morning. The next day we spent all day talking about it again and finally got it done just before I hopped on a plane at 6 o’clock at night.”

Dave Perkins thinks this deal is gonna leave a bad taste in the Florida Marlins mouths:

“The Marlins gave up two inning-eating starters, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle, plus a former all-star shortstop in Jose Reyes, plus a couple more major leaguers, and while they got back a package including Justin Nicolino, Anthony DeSclafani and Jake Marisnick, they probably didn’t get the big potential the Mets got. Anthopoulos held out on losing Syndergaard to Miami. He didn’t want to lose Nicolino, either, but grudgingly gave him up while holding on to two-thirds of the three high-ceiling guys at Lansing (Aaron Sanchez is the other, ranked 1-1A with Syndergaard).”

Ken Rosenthal is starting to come around too:

“I’ve had a more difficult time coming around to the Jays’ deal. But I get it, and I applaud it. In fact, I’m starting to love it.”

Shi Davidi adds in some harsh reality:

“All you have to do is open some old wounds and think back to the Toronto Blue Jays sending an infield prospect named Michael Young to the Texas Rangers for Esteban Loaiza on July 19, 2000 to grasp the risk.”

Michael Grange chimes in:

“The Jays are rebuilding too, but suddenly at a breakneck pace, like a toboggan bouncing down an icy hill, Canadian baseball fans like a pack of giggling kids crammed on, loving every minute of the thrill ride.

In that context upping the ante for an ageing knuckleballer seems like the perfect early Christmas gift for a fan base from a franchise that has handed out its share of coal this time of year.

Not this year.”

more later

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