Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, December 20, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Ian Leggatt, former PGA player

  • Leggatt recaps the year in golf
  • Leggatt talks about the PGA banning the use of the belly putter, thinks that perhaps there should be rules for professionals and different ones for amateurs

Second segment: Interview with Mike Zeisberger, Toronto Sun

  • Zeisberger talks about the failure of the Buffalo Bills games in Toronto, says that Toronto can be an NFL city but it has to be a Toronto team
  • Bob and Zeisberger talk about Tim Tebow, Bob thinks Tebow can be a sideshow, but he wouldn’t let him play

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob gives Shannon his Christmas present which is a golf club
  • Bob rants about how much he hates the Pittsburgh Steelers

Second segment: Interview with Pat Brisson, NHL player agent

  • Brisson talks about the NHL lockout, discusses Sidney Crosby playing goalie in a pick up game

Third segment: Interview with Jerry Sullivan, Buffalo News

  • Sullivan hates the Buffalo Bills playing a game in Toronto every year, doesn’t think it makes sense for anybody, Bob agrees

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Gary Belsky, ESPN

  • Belsky believes that the NHL made a big mistake by not sticking with ESPN
  • Belsky believes the NHL needs to contract 6 teams and have increased revenue sharing, Bob thinks they shouldn’t have revenue sharing
  • Belsky says that the NHL owners are not losing as much money as they claim, and a lot of those losses are beneficial to their other businesses
  • Belsky believes the KHL is a threat to the NHL, Shannon disagrees

Second segment: Interview with Michael “Pinball” Clemons, former CFL player

  • Bob, Shannon and Clemons argue about the “Immaculate Reception”, Bob insists that you cannot tell whether the ball was caught or not, Shannon says it is
  • Clemons talks about his charity and people who donated enough to build a school

Third segment: Interview with Dwayne Casey, Toronto Raptors head coach

  • Casey considers Bargnani a newbie to the defensive system they implemented last year because he was injured and that’s why he’s had trouble meshing
  • Casey says that when Lowry and Bargnani return, they need to play harder defense and play within the system
  • Casey says that they just need to take it a game at a time and play in the system


I found the Belsky interview intriguing because of how he kept bringing up his credentials as an economics reporter and that regular sports media didn’t understand the business of sport.  I have a feeling that Bob was bristling a bit at this because Bob considers himself a sports business guy, and Belsky was telling him his analysis of the NHL ownership situation was simplistic.  I’m a little surprised that Shannon didn’t speak up more too in defense of Bettman, especially about Belsky’s assertion that the NHL leaving ESPN.   Usually on this topic Shannon at least explains Bettman’s thought process, if not outright defend him.

I also liked the Leggatt segment despite my disinterest in golf because I think he had some interesting opinions about the use of the belly putter, and it helped me, as a non golf player, better understand what this entire thing is about.

Outside of those two segments though, I wasn’t really that impressed with the rest of the show.  There were two segments where people repeated the usual problems with the Bills in Toronto (Toronto will only embrace their own team, it’s bad for the Bills, etc), one where we got to hear Bob’s story about playing ball hockey with Mike Palmateer, a Pinball charity segment, and a really short interview with Dwayne Casey where he said if the team plays in the system they will do well.  None of those were particularly new or interesting.

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Itchy Butt
Itchy Butt
December 21, 2012 6:05 am

….”here’s former PGA pro Ian Legg”.. ………………….

Brian Gerstein
December 21, 2012 11:19 am

I heard the Casey interview with Bob, and live tweeted it out with all my commentary to my followers. Rather than rehash all of them, I will just comment on a couple of the most salient points.

#1 on the list, which was beyond laughable, was when Casey, in a blatant attempt not to hurt Colangelo’s desperate attempts to move him prior to his return, called Andrea an “Offensive Superstar”. After I fell off my chair, I then went back to my computer and reported this to my followers, who all had a good laugh along with me.

The Andrea offensively this year has been abysmal. He is shooting below 40% from the field, which last time I checked, is far form Superstar status. He is averaging a pathetic 1.4 assists per game, so not only is he missing a ton of shots, and he is also a high volume shooter, so kills us there as well, but he is not sharing the ball either. You can see how we are getting tons of hockey assists now, where the ball is moving beautifully. Put Andrea back in and we are screwed. This is why at this point it is addition by subtraction, and Colangelo is going to move his wonder boy, ideally before he returns from his injury, but for sure prior to the trade deadline in February.

As far as Andrea’s rebounding goes, Casey said he needs to work on that. No shit! He is averaging a pathetic 4.3 rebounds per game, his lowest total since his 2nd year. Basically Andrea with his comments to the Italian press has checked out. He wants out, and I am almost positive his agent has instructed Colangelo to move him A.S.A.P. His teammates hate playing with him, and from a chemistry standpoint, I just don’t see how he will be able to come back to the team, and if so, as Casey alluded to, the injured players i.e. Lowry and Bargnani, have to adapt to the team, not the other way around.

Casey was fed up and is finally putting his foot down with some tough love, not the prior “Andrea is my guy, and I don’t care if he shoots 2/19, he will continue to be so”, as it would not shock me if he comes off the bench upon his return, but that would hurt his trade value, therein lies the dilemma. Regardless, other GM’s know exactly what they would be getting with Andrea in his 7th year, so really, who cares, just move him.

The hilarious part was when Bob was leading into Bargnani, as we all knew it was coming, including Casey, and Casey started cracking up on the air. McCown was ahead of the curve, certainly me, as he correctly analyzed how Bargnani was a huge mistake by Colangelo to draft, and he has not wavered since. It was a weak draft year, so it is not like there was an obvious #1 pick that year, although Lamarcus Aldridge sure would look good in a Raptors uniform now.

Forget #2, this was an All-Bargnani post.

Dave Arlotto
December 21, 2012 4:34 pm

nothing more boring then listening to Golf or Poker commentators

December 21, 2012 4:40 pm

Someone can say the NHL was hurt by not being on ESPN, but I don’t think that idea of “if you’re not ESPN, you don’t exist” will continue for much longer, and the NHL may have forseen that when others could not. It’s not that ESPN will necessarily cease being number one in the ratings any time soon, but I think it’s unavoidable that the NBC, CBS, and the likely to soon exist Fox Sports Network national channels will eventually acquire more content and begin to gain ground. You’d think the U.S. could easily support more than one successful sports channel if Canada can do it.

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