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I’m away for the week so in lieu of morning lineups, here is your holiday poll:

Who are the top 10 Toronto Msmers of the year for 2012????

Happy Festivus and merry Christmas

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    Mullah_Kintyre 7 years ago

    Do you want people to nominate media personalities they like? That might be tough, seeing as a high percentage of the comments here are complaints about what they don’t like or disagree with. Maybe it might be easier to go over some of the sports media related stories of the year. In radio it might be the the failure of TSN Radio 1050 and success of Sportsnet 590 in the ratings, or in television the sale of The Score to Rogers. I can’t think of a noteworthy story relating just to print and/or their websites, other than maybe their lack of immediacy means they continue drifting more into irrelevance as everyone rushes blindly into trying to be the first with a story on social media, even when it’s not true or not worth mentioning, or the alleged story is that someone else said something dumb on twitter and got others angry at them.

    Since there’s no line-ups this week and I may be the only one who listens to TSN Radio, I’ll mention that when I inexplicably woke up at 5:30 am this morning, it was amusing to hear Mike Richards recount the events of his 26 hour journey and stay so far in Ufa Russia for the World U20 IIHF tournament. I think he likes Russia even less than he likes Edmonton or Hamilton. It doesn’t make me want to go to Russia anytime soon.

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    Arthur, Grange, Blair, Naylor, Brunt, Dreger, Spector.

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    Since it was their first full year at 590, I’d say Tim and Sid should be # 1.

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    Ami_Angelwings 7 years ago

    Does Bob get automatic consideration because he’s getting record ratings? I personally think this is not one of his best years (in my 5 years of listening) but with the ratings being what they claim they are, does that warrant a nomination? It’s kinda like stats over intangibles I guess…

    My nomination for this year (as a combination of listening and reading): Blair, Grange, Arthur, Brunt and Davidi.

    I also like Tim Micallef, Jeff Sammut and Gareth Wheeler to listen to but I don’t think that qualifies them for MSM of the year. But I find them enjoyable.

    Can we give a Most Improved to Jeff Sammut?

    Edit: Oh okay, so I need to vote for my top 10? In order? (keeping in mind after my top 5 I’m just naming people I like listening to, not that I think are good writers, reporters, etc)

    1) Grange
    2) Arthur
    3) Brunt
    4) Blair
    5) Davidi
    6) Bob
    7) Micallef
    8) Sammut
    9) Wheeler
    10) (why not?) Wilner

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    Mike S 7 years ago

    Hey Ami………….did you listen to the 1st hour of PTS on Friday?…………….a caller asked McCown if Wilner is officially in the “PTS Black Book”……………….Bob said that he wasn’t……………..but Bob didn’t really talk all that much about why Wilner is never on PTS while he is host

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    Kamlesh 7 years ago

    1. Greg Brady
    2. Cathal Kelly
    3. James Sharman
    4. Mike Wilner
    5. Bob McKenzie
    6. Mike Hogan
    7. Doug McLean
    8. Paul Jones
    9. Tim Micallef
    10. Jason Agnew

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    Steve-O 7 years ago

    1. Tim and Sid 2. Steve Simmons 3. Greg. Brady 4. Bob McCown 5. Jeff Blair 6. Stephen Brunt 7. Bruce Arthur 8. Nick Kypreos 9. Doug McLean 10. Mike Richards

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    Weenerman 7 years ago

    You couldn’t pay me enough to read Cathal Kelly’s garbage. Sensationalist approach to “journalism” with no regard for the facts.

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    Roger 7 years ago

    Sadly, the only person worth listening to in Toronto is Greg Brady. I don’t always agree with him but at least he knows his stuff, is usually funny and most importantly does
    not suck up to the “right” people. The “right” people being the two head dix at
    Rogers and Burke.

    McCown is bold when he isn’t interviewing the target but when he has him on, he’s more of a pussy cat than a bobcat. Richards and Cybulski simply try too hard and aren’t worth
    listening to. Sid is good but Tim continues to show he knows very little about
    sports but boy old boy, he’s hip.

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    I am too basketball-centric to give a fair evaluation, but will off the top of my head give my list.

    1. Tim and Sid (Or Sid on his own as Tim misses a ton of shows for various reasons), impressive Year 1.
    2. Bob McCown (His Ratings dominance deserve tons of respect)
    3. Stephen Brunt (Makes the best sports radio out there when he is on PTS)
    4. Bruce Arthur (Would be higher had he not mover to the wasteland of TSN Radio)
    5. Eric Koreen (Rare basketball writer who educates as well as entertains)
    6. Michael Grange (Just for covering the NHL lockout deserves votes)
    7. Tim Chisholm (See Eric Koreen comments, close behind)
    8. Jeff Blair (More due to 2013, but with the Jays relevant, must be respected)
    9. Arsenalist – – Yes, technically not MSM media, but with bloggers appealing to the hardcore fans and now getting press credentials to cover the team, I feel by voting for them it will give them the respect they deserve.

    10. Adam Francis – – See #9

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    I’s say the exact opposite. Tim being the serious sports guy and Sid being the wacky radio host with the sound effects and forced patter.

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    I find that I am no longer “Toronto centric” for sports news due to paywalls and with the exception of the Jays’ recent off-field moves, the miserable state of Toronto franchises. So I would vote for Ken Rosenthal for top MSMer based on his ability to continuously break stories.

    As for the Toronto sports media …
    1. Stephen Brunt, IMHO is fast becoming the dean of sports journalists in Canada
    2. Bob McCown
    3/4. Tim & Sid (the sum is definitely greater than the parts)
    5. Bob Elliott
    6. Bruce Arthur
    7. Dave Naylor
    8. Michael Grange
    9. Shi Davidi
    10. The CityTV duo of Kathryn Humphreys and Hugh Burrill who just seem realize that sport is meant to be entertainment and have a hell of a lot fun in covering it.

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    I would like to see a discussion topic on how have paywalls changed your info gathering habits? Its a bit frustrating that we can’t do our own discussion topics on this site.

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    Another Steve 7 years ago

    It’s a topic worth starting. I used to read the Globe on-line but now have stopped since they brought in the pay-wall. Although I am actually sympathetic with the argument that journalism needs new ways to attract funding, at the same time I still just don’t feel like paying for on-line content.

    Isn’t the Sun using a pay-wall now as well?

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    Mike C. 7 years ago

    My top 10 would be for Top MSM 2012

    1) Sid Seixeiro
    2) Tim Micallef
    3) Bob McCown
    4) Stephen Brunt
    5) Greg Brady
    6) Jim Lang
    7) Jeff Blair
    8) Matt Cauz
    9) Jim Tatti
    10) Gregg Zaun

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    I used to enjoy Bob McCowns old website for just that reason.

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    Yes but you get 20 free articles per day so i find i never even get close to going over.

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    Agree Another Steve. The Sun allows 20 articles / month for the moment. Now that the Globe has the paywall I don’t read it.
    The Star is going to a paywall soon.
    I may start “buying” the Star once it goes to a paywall mostly because its important to me to have a reasonable local news source. Even though I probably enjoy reading the Globe more. I’m thinking about buying the New York Times digital access, even though I never subscribed to the print edition.
    Subject: [torontosportsmedia] Re: Toronto Sports Media MSMer Of The Year

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    20 a day or month? I saw 20 and assumed it was per month… I could be wrong – I went back to the Sun site but couldnt figure it out one way or the other.

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    Isnt there a paywallcoming to the NaPo too?

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    bobthetrapper 7 years ago

    Martine Gaillard: ” Down Home, Girl Next Door”, look and personality. Until her producers convinced her to get enhancements, and got her into the makeup room. But still an engaging girl.

    Jen Hedger: I love her interviewing skills from the Olympics.
    She comes across as warm, interested in the response she gets from the
    athletes she is talking to, and seems that she is actually listening.
    However: When she is doing Sportscenter, Her producers have her talking and sounding like the “Aflac Duck”

    Evanka Osmak: Comes across as a very warm, intelligent lady, and a girl you would want to bring home to your mom, and spend the rest of your life with.

    Kate Beirness: A lot like Evanka, but maybe more fun.

    Mike Hogan: I had to add someone in the” Toronto Media” who actually new what the hell he was talking about.
    Happy New Year Everyone.!

    and personality. Until her producers
    convinced her to get enhancements. But still an engaging girl.

    Jen Hedger: I love
    her interviewing skills from the Olympics.
    She comes across as warm, interested in the response she gets from the
    athletes she is talking to, and seems that she is actually listening.

    However: When she is
    doing Sports Center, Her producers have her sounding like the “Aflac

    Evanka Osmak: Comes
    across as a very warm, intelligent lady, and a girl you would want to bring
    home to your mom, and spend the rest of your
    life with.

    Kate Beirness: A lot
    like Evanka, but maybe more fun.

    Mike Hogan: I had to
    add someone in the” Toronto Media” who actually new what the hell he
    was talking about.

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    FYI: Friedman was hosting 2-6 today on the FAN, with Wilner as co-host from 4-6. And there’s scheduled to a roundtable on Friday. I hadn’t listened to the station since Monday, so I happened upon Elliott hosting by accident.

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    Ami_Angelwings 7 years ago

    Tuesday and Wednesday were “best of PTS”, this was the first day with an actual host and co-host I believe…

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    Ami_Angelwings 7 years ago

    I did hear that! Both Wilner and Bob have said that Wilner’s not banned, but Wilner’s never on to talk baseball when Bob’s host, and he’s basically on to talk baseball on every other FAN590 show, and he’s on when Bob isn’t host. So it’s not like people are imagining things. Maybe he’s not banned but both just don’t really like each other so they’re ok with him never being on when Bob is on?

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    Ami_Angelwings 7 years ago

    I think all 4 major papers are going with paywalls aren’t they?

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    Ami_Angelwings 7 years ago

    I agree with you on this. Even when I agree with Sid on an issue vs Tim (like ERA/WHIP being more important than pitcher wins), I wish somebody else was arguing Sid’s side because he doesn’t seem to want to actually debate. He’ll go into jokes, or weird asides, or make over the top statements that are clearly not meant to be serious. I get the entertainment thing, and I’m fine with it in certain contexts, but for discussions that actually have some substance, it really kills my interest.

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    Ami_Angelwings 7 years ago

    He’s certainly good at capturing the “mood” of the audience/readership/city in the wake of events. I definitely do agree that he can be over the top, and writes in a sensationalist way to appeal to people whose emotions are running high after an event. (Such as with the Women’s Soccer semi finals…)

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    It is 20 per day, I have been on that site ever day for the past 3 weeks and each day it resets my number. Like yesterday I read 7 articles and it had me down to 13 available and today i ready one and the message came up and said you have 19 complimentary articles remaining to view.

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    These are the guys I like listening to:
    McCown, Brunt
    Ferraro (isolate his segment on Hayes, delete the rest)
    Arthur, Naylor (not enough to download b/c they are not on from what I can tell at regularly scheduled times)
    Friedman, Wilner (mostly when they are a combo, surprisingly)

    I really hope TSN brings someone in from the outside that can threaten McCown’s ego (unlikely) enough to raise his game

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    Mullah_Kintyre 7 years ago

    I’m surprised that so many people still pay attention to the mainstream general sports media like TSN SportsCentre, Sportsnet Connected, and the Toronto newspapers and their websites. Surely almost everyone has one or two sports or teams they follow more than others, and can find websites (and/or TV channels like NFL Network, etc.) to more quickly access the latest news and info more related to their specific interests? Who wants to sit through an hour of stuff to see maybe a minute of what you’ve been waiting for? I think it’s been at least ten years since I stopped watching the sportsnews shows. Other than an occasional column on a topic that might interest me, I don’t understand the continuing popularity of most of the general sports MSM beyond perhaps watching or listening to a particular personality some people may find entertaining, such as McCown.

    On a tangential subject, I hope we start getting a lot less of the “TV personalities” during live games. Save them for half time, pregame, postgame, and other panel shows that fill the rest of the day. TV isn’t radio. We don’t need two or three guys constantly babbling to tell us what’s happening. We have the HD picture with graphics for that. People often watch in bars without the sound and have little trouble discerning what’s happening in a game. Let those of us watching at home with good sound systems hear more of the ambient sound from inside the stadium or arena, instead of just wishing the pointless extra commentators would shut up. Monday Night Football has been the worst offender in recent years, apparently still thinking it’s still 1974 and hoping someone will become the next Howard Cosell. Hey ESPN, how about trying something more innovative? Get rid of Gruden, and have Tirico by himself talking sparingly, perhaps only when something needs to be explained.

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    Lance D. 7 years ago

    Not interested in a top 10 but Tatti & MacArthur on TSNR are terrific together! Great chemistry and very entertaining. I listen whenever I can and give them high marks for what is otherwise a pretty weak overall line-up.

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    A couple of the 590 staff have posted that the caller known as Raptorize John passed away.

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    Sad to hear! Him and Alan the cab driver are probably the only two callers I really recognize. Always liked his calls to McCown.

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    Jim Lang is hosting PTS tonight. Weird!

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    The one I always recognize is “Alex from Etobicoke” although I noticed recently he calls different shows with different names. (note: not me.)

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    Itchy Butt 7 years ago

    Shit, I hope it’s not who I think it is. He was a good caller. I also like that guy with the thick Jamaican accent that calls Bob all the time…..”Mistah McCown!”

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    Nan Young Lee 7 years ago

    An interesting article on why TSN dominance over Sportsnet will increase once they get the Leafs/Raptors games.