Toronto sports media morning lineups 2013!


Pretty sure this is first post I’ve written from 36,000 ft

Hope you all had a good holiday season!

Morning lineups:

On Brady and Lang:

640 David Alter
720 Nick Kypreos
740 Jorey Middlestadt
820 Paul Jones
840 Qadry Ismail

Tsn radio:


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Lance D.
Lance D.
January 4, 2013 2:22 pm

This is a message to TSN Radio.
What’s up with the crappy radio programming? I thought the objective was to provide some legitimate competition to the Fan590?
Mike Richards is simply impossible to listen to unless you are well under the age of 13 – or have an IQ below 13.
Dan Patrick is a self-obsessed and arrogant dork despite the fact he does get some good guests.
Can’t deal with Bryan Hayes doing his poor man’s version of Jim Rome.
Cybulski is a car wreck rolling down the side of a cliff. I’m still waiting for the car to crash on the rocks below and finally put the very few remaining listeners out of their misery. How can the main host with the show named after him be the worst one on the air???
I like Jim Tatti but he usually does evenings and is thankfully one of the few bright spots in the entire line-up.
I keep waiting for some type of line-up change to improve the on-air quality but it’s just not happening.
Can someone please explain this nonsense to me because I’m completely in the dark.

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