For 1 Night, Just Say NO!

by TSM

Happy Monday sports fans.

I know it won’t happen, but really it should; NHL fans across North America should boycott the first NHL game in their home market for the first game. Simply don’t go. Show the league and the players that you are pissed. Show them that the you care.

Resist the urge to go back and spend your hard earned money for 1 night only. Leave NHL arenas dark, for just one game. Watch on TV, listen on the radio, follow on Twitter. Just don’t go. For one game.

If you are too weak to resist the urge, eat before the game, wear your old jersey, bring your own snacks, don’t spend any money at the arena.

Seriously, we, the fans will get abused every time by the leagues and the players. We have only one vote, and that’s with our feet. Let them know we are pissed.

One night only, just say no, don’t go.


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