New Blood On Blue Jays Broadcasts


Multiple sources are telling me that neither Gregg Zaun nor Mike Wilner are candidates to fill the role recently vacated by Alan Ashby on the Blue Jays radio telecasts. I am lead to believe that you will hear a new voice on the games and the targets include some “big names”. Let the guessing begin.

Speaking of the Blue Jays, if you want to hear a great interview, RA Dickey was a guest on PTS tonight with McCown and Cox. McCown doesn’t always interview players and this exception was a really good one. Dickey is clearly a good subject and both McCown and Cox had done their homework. Good sports radio at their best.

As I’ve written before the only certainties in life are death, taxes and Larry Brooks siding with the NHLPA and against Brian Burke. Wondering why the hate for Burke? Perhaps a previous lawsuit Burke filed against the New York Post for an article written by Brooks is the reason:

“The lawsuit stems from an article that appeared in the newspaper on Feb. 27, 2005. The alleged defamation is an item Brooks wrote on Burke’s involvement in the Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore incident.

Brooks wrote Burke “personally challenged” the Canucks between periods of the March 8 game to “get” Moore. Brooks further wrote that Burke, then the Canucks GM, was a participant “in the plot to retaliate” against Moore.

Burke told The Sun that he wasn’t seeking financial retribution, but that he wanted to clear his name.

“I have said all along all I asked for was a retraction,” Burke told the newspaper. “If this action is successful, any proceeds from it after attorneys’ fees will go directly to Canuck Place.”

That from this article.

What happened to the case?

It “disappeared”.

What does that mean?

Ask your friendly litigator what it generally means when a lawsuit disappears AND neither party will discuss it.

I guess Brooks hold a grudge.

The big winner in the NHL lockout?

TSN radio.

The station that so many of you claim to never listen to ( it’s a shame you are missing good stuff) will be home to 1/2 of the Maple Leafs games down the road. Me thinks that this will put the station on many people’s presets where it has not been before.

It will be interesting when the Leafs go on a multi game road trip. Each While the stations will share the play by play crew, each station has it’s own radio beat guy, Alter and Siegel (wrong spelling, no relation). 2 radio beat guys on the team plane? That should be interesting.

Speaking of TSN radio…..

Have you seen the image on the tsn radio website?

Montreal Canadiens players to promote the Montreal station
Winnipeg Jets players to promote the Winnipeg station
“Insiders” to promote the Toronto station.


What’s interesting about that is that the insiders don’t appear to be allowed to break anything from the inside on the radio for fear of taking away from the TV network.

In case it’s not clear, and judging by the emails I get, it’s not, I am not a member of Toronto Sports Media. I am not affiliated with any media outlets. So the emails I get complaining about coverage on the Fan, for example is being sent to the wrong person.

Happy Hump day

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