Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, January 17, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Jose Reyes press conference

  • Live broadcast of the Reyes press conference

Second segment: Interview with Doug Smith, Toronto Star basketball reporter

  • Bob and Smith discuss the controversial foul call at the end of the Raptors/Bulls game, Smith says that it should have been a shooting foul and the refs blew the call
  • Bob asks what the NBA will do about this, Smith says that the league keeps “score” of referees and that blown calls will be held against them for playoff assignments
  • Smith thinks that the overall skill of referees have gone down
  • Smith believes that the Raptors get more worse calls than other teams, thinks that if Colangelo keeps complaining to the league, eventually they’ll talk to the refs

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about the Te’o situation, Bob thinks that Te’o couldn’t have been hoaxed for 4 years
  • Brunt thinks that there’s something tragic at the heart of this story and will come out, such as Te’o hiding being gay

Second segment: Interview with George Gillett, former Montreal Canadiens owner

  • Gillett talks about the state of the NHL, believes the NHL needs to contract some teams
  • Gillett also believes Seattle would be a good NHL city and that Toronto should have a 2nd team
  • Gillett thinks that Gary Bettman is trying so hard to keep the Coyotes afloat because he doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about what’s coming up in the next hour, briefly talk about baseball

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Jose Reyes, Toronto Blue Jays Shortstop

  • Reyes talks about how he heard the news of being traded, that it was 6am in Dubai when it happened and so he woke up to thousands of text messages
  • Reyes says he feels lied to by Jeffery Loria, but he wants to move on and doesn’t want to talk about the Marlins
  • Bob asks Reyes where he thinks Bonificaio fits best on the field, Reyes refuses to answer the question after several attempts by Bob

Second segment: Interview with Alex Anthopolous

  • Anthopolous talks about Darren Oliver staying with the Jays
  • Bob asks Anthopolous about how he convinces American players that the tax situation in Canada isn’t that bad, Anthopolous says that it’s a misconception that Toronto has the worst tax situation of all MLB teams & that he has a reputable organization do the numbers to show the players
  • Discussion about players living in Toronto, Anthopolous says few players live in the hometown they play in now because of all the uncertainty of being moved

Third segment: Interview with Al Lesar, South Bend Tribune

  • Brunt asks Lesar where the details of Te’o’s relationship published in the Tribune came from, Lesar says most of the details came from the family and from Te’o himself
  • Bob asks if anybody actually said Te’o met his girlfriend in real life, Lesar says that they did, and his father claimed that he’s actually met her and shook her hand and saw her eyes
  • Lesar suggests that maybe Te’o’s father misunderstood what his son was saying and got confused that she was actually at a game he was at and so was describing another woman
  • Bob asks how people in South Bend react to the possibility that Notre Dame may have promoted a falsehood, Lesar says people don’t think this reflects on the university and they were duped too


At this point in the Te’o situation, I think we really just need to wait until more information comes out before we can speculate on what’s going on.  There’s a bunch of contradictory information out there (including a Stanford player claiming that Te’o would ask them if they knew his g/f, which would seemingly exonerate Te’o as being in on the hoax, OR it would make him a longterm mastermind), and the information (or lack of information) seems to be able to justify basically any theory.  I also don’t think we should be speculating on his sexuality since, again, we don’t really know anything about that, but I get the 24/7 news cycle and everybody wants knew information, theories, etc every day.  It just seems a bit tabloidish.  Next, they’ll be a theory that he’s a mob hitman. xD

There were a lot of really interesting interviews today, and that I thought were worth listening to.  I really liked the Gillett interview, and now that he’s no longer an NHL owner, he has quite a lot of interesting things to say about the NHL.  I also really enjoyed the Anthopolous interview, and I liked learning about how he goes about convincing players that playing in Canada won’t bankrupt them with taxes.

The Reyes interview was pretty boring, and I thought Bob sounded a bit frustrated when Reyes repeatedly refused to answer where he thought Bonifacio should play.  I almost expected Bob to end the interview short like he’s done in the past when he feels a player/agent/executive wasn’t going to tell him anything.

The Lesar interview was interesting because it clarified some of the stuff that’s been reported about Te’o and what his family has actually said on the record about meeting his non-existent girlfriend.  Brunt asked some good questions to try to clarify the situation, he seems really interested in sorting this out, which is good for the audience.

I was surprised Doug Smith talked so much about the officiating because I’m used to hearing people in the media say that fans, players, etc shouldn’t complain about the officiating, that it all balances out at the end, but he said quite a bit about how he feels the Raptors are unfairly officiated against.  He also seems to believe the league might do something about this, which is also a position I don’t usually hear.

In general, I enjoyed this show quite a bit, and I thought a lot of the interviews were really interesting.

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