Prime Time Sports Review for Friday, January 18, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Glenn Healy, CBC Hockey Night In Canada reporter

  • Healy talks about the start of the new NHL season, and the challenges that comes from suddenly starting a season, such as rust on the referees and players
  • Bob asks Healy what’s the one thing in the NHL he hates, Healy doesn’t answer immediately, so Bob says he hates the shootout
  • Healy says the thing he’d want to get rid of is the morning skates, Bob says that that’s just about Healy being lazy and has no impact on the game
  • Bob and Healy discuss what a good owner of the Canadiens, George Gillett was
  • Healy thinks the Rangers will be good this year because they got Nash and they have a great goaltender

Second segment: Interview with Mike Zeisberger, Toronto Sun sports reporter

  • Bob and Zeisberger discuss the Bears hiring Marc Trestman, Bob says to the US fans, it’s like he came from Mongolia
  • Zeisberger wants to say the 49ers will win on Saturday, but thinks that the media may be trying too hard to find the warts in Atlanta just because they have a history of failing in the playoffs
  • Bob predicts Atlanta will win because everybody is playing up the 49ers so much, they’re overlooking the merits of the Falcons
  • Bob thinks the Ravens got lucky for 2 games and the Patriots will beat them, Zeisberger says that the Ravens may win because they’re not afraid of the Patriots and Tom Brady
  • Ultimately, Zeisberger says that the Patriots and 49ers will win, but he’d take the underdogs in terms of the spread

5pm hour – Roundtable discussion with Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt, John Shannon and Sid Seixeiro

First segment: Various topics

  • Brief discussion about whether or not Brian Burke would show up to any Leafs games this season, nobody thinks he will
  • Discussion about the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, and their situations

Second segment: Discussion about Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah

  • Bob thinks Armstrong came off as a cold fish, Sid says no emotion came through the screen
  • Bob doesn’t believe Armstrong stopped cheating for his last two races
  • Brunt points out how he carefully claimed the races that were still within the statute of limitations were raced clean
  • Everybody agrees he did not come off as sympathetic, and was cold and calculating

Third segment: Continuing discussion about Lance Armstrong

  • Which somehow turned into Sid Seixeiro talking about Ryan Seacrest and American Idol

6pm hour – Roundtable continues

First segment: Discussion of the Manti Te’o “fake girlfriend” story

  • Brunt thinks that it’s almost impossible for Te’o to not have been involved in some way with the stories he’s told
  • Bob asks that if it turned out Te’o is gay and was trying to hide it, would that make him more sympathetic, Shannon says no

Second segment: Who’s going to win the two NFL playoff games this weekend?

  • Bob and Seixeiro believes New England will win, while Shannon and Brunt believe Baltimore will
  • Bob thinks Atlanta will win, while the other three believe San Francisco will

Third segment: Prime Time Bullets

  • There’s only one bullet because everybody was making jokes, and it’s about Darren Oliver staying with the Blue Jays for another year
  • Brunt thinks this is good for the Jays because it gives them an effective situational lefty out of the pen
  • Shannon and Sid isn’t sure Oliver would have come back if the Jays hadn’t loaded up on talent, Brunt says he thinks he would have because he’d be leaving 3 million dollars on the table


The roundtable really only had 3 segments because the first segment was just casual conversation about a variety of things, the third one was Sid being weird, and the bullets got derailed by people making fun of Bob.

The Lance Armstrong discussion and the Te’o discussion really didn’t break any new ground at all, and everybody basically agreed with each other about how they viewed the situation, so it wasn’t really that interesting to me.  I guess, there wasn’t really that much to talk about because Lance Armstrong’s interview was just so obviously self serving, and he showed no emotion, so what else can you really say but those two things?  And the Te’o situation is just too convoluted and contradictory to get any sense of what’s really going on, or even to get a sense about how to view Te’o.

The NFL discussion was mostly just Bob reiterating positions we’ve already heard, and everybody else disagreeing.

For the 4pm hour, I thought he and Zeisberger had a good discussion about the NFL, and Zeisberger brought a lot to the table about what he thought might happen and why.

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