Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, January 21, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro, hosts of Tim & Sid, FAN590

  • Bob asks Tim and Sid whlie they left The Score, Tim said he left because Rogers and Bell had taken all the content away from The Score
  • Tim says Sid left first, Bob asks Sid why he quit, Sid deflects the topic to talking about the deaths of Stan Musial and Earl Weaver
  • Bob shares his memories of Earl Weaver
  • Bob gets back to asking Sid why he left, Sid says he left because he needed a new challenge
  • Bob rants about Rogers and Bell owning the Leafs and confusing people about what station the Leafs game will be on

Second segment: Interview with Jeff Blair, host of the Jeff Blair show, FAN590

  • Blair and Bob talk about Stan Musial and Earl Weaver who both passed away the day before
  • Blair talks about how Earl Weaver was years ahead of the curve in terms of using statistics

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Shannon brags about getting both his NFL winners correct on Sunday
  • Shannon thinks Belichick should have stayed for interviews after the game, Bob thinks it doesn’t matter

Second segment: Interview with Jim Hughson, CBC hockey commentator

  • Hughson thinks that the Leafs need to see what they have in Scrivens and Reimer before they talk to the Canucks about Luongo
  • Hughson thinks that if the Canadiens had P.K. Subban, they could have won that game against the Leafs, but that the Canadiens should not overpay for Subban just because he’s popular
  • Hughson talks about the problems the Canucks are having and the needs they need to fill in a trade

Third segment: Interview with Bob Nightengale, USA Today baseball reporter

  • Nightengale talks about his memories of Stan Musial
  • Nightengale considers Musial one of the best players of all time

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Don Banks, Sports Illustrated NFL reporter

  • Banks talks about the two NFL playoff games on Sunday
  • Shannon asks Banks what he thinks the Patriots have to change, Banks says that the Patriots need Randy Moss type player
  • Banks says that it’s obvious that Brady can’t do it all anymore and that the Patriots need to get him help
  • Banks says that the Ravens kept hitting the Patriots until the Pats lost the will to hit back
  • Bob thinks the Atlanta Falcons beat themselves, Banks agrees they lack mental toughness but doesn’t think the Falcons should blow up the team

Second segment: Interview with Patrick Rishe, Forbes

  • Bob asks Rishe if the sell out crowds show that the lockout hasn’t hurt the fanbase, Rishe says it remains to be seen because the season just started, however he thinks that the scarcity of games will increase fan turnout
  • Rishe thinks that fans had better be prepared for higher ticket prices if turnout increases
  • Bob says that it’s a fallacy to assume that scarcity will increase audience turnout and they don’t necessarily equate
  • Rishe suggests that the NHL might want to start their season in December and have a later end date to avoid the NFL, Bob says that he doesn’t think the fans overlap much and hockey will always have its niche audience
  • Rishe says that the good NHL ratings on the weekend against the NFL playoffs are an anomaly because of pent-up demand for the NHL due to the lockout
  • Rishe is critical of Gary Bettman and that he isn’t interested in doing what’s necessary to grow the sport
  • Bob asks Rishe what he thinks of Manti Te’o talking to Katie Couric, Rishe says he doesn’t think we’ll learn much

Third segment: Interview with Patrick LaForge, President and CEO of the Edmonton Oilers

  • Bob asks LaForge how the Oilers handled fan anger from the NHL lockout, LaForge says that Canadians don’t get angry as much as they just stop coming to games
  • LaForge says even if they come and are angry, he doesn’t think that’s a good relationship for the club to have with its fans
  • LaForge thinks the ultimate CBA deal will be good for the Oilers


It seemed like Sid really didn’t want to talk about himself and leaving the Score, and tried several times to change the topic.  He tried talking about Manti Te’o and then successfully changed the topic to talking about Stan Musiel and Earl Weaver passing away before Bob got back to Sid leaving the Score.  I’m shocked Bob remembered.  Normally once you get Bob off-topic he either keeps going on that topic, or afterwards says “what were we talking about?” but he seemed really intent on getting Sid to talk.  Bob, in general, seems intent on getting Sid and Tim to talk about leaving the Score… this isn’t the first time he’s brought it up.  I know Rogers has bought The Score, so it’s no longer competition, but I wonder what the etiquette is in badgering somebody to talk about their previous workplace experiences and leaving it.  Tim seemed pretty comfortable, Sid kept making jokes and trying to change the subject.  He tried again a third time after Bob went back to the topic (by talking about the NFL).

The Rishe interview was really interesting, because it was an American business perspective on the NHL and Rishe’s priorities were clearly about the American hockey market, and growing that.  Bob seemed to disagree but was avoiding getting into a fight, but we’ve heard Bob’s opinions on it before and he doesn’t think the general American sports fan can be made to care about hockey, and you’ll always have the niche fans.

Those are very melodramatic Bodog ads that are playing during the podcasts now, calling the NHL lockout a “war” and that the NHL will “fulfill its destiny”.  I almost expected to hear something about the Death Star or the One Ring. xD

Also, TSM said I should post the Bingo Cards I made for PTS (just randomly generated on a Bingo card site) here, so here’s one sheet:

The rest of the sheets (for anybody interested in seeing all 5 sheets) are at: 🙂

Today (from what I can remember) Bob said:

I will ask the questions

God bless them

wouldn’t last a nanosecond

take the break and tell you what’s coming up

the unholy alliance (I think)

Sam and Ted


Somehow he managed to avoid saying “Jeff Blair, host of the Jeff Blair show, starring Jeff Blair”

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