NHL Analysis Paralysis


Happy post MLK day Tuesday.

I had an awesome weekend in Whistler. Incredible weather and skiing. Awesome spot. Can’t recommend it enough.

Was able to watch the Leafs game Saturday night and most of the Canucks game too. Saw a couple more minutes of other games here and there.

I caught PTS on TV yesterday afternoon. Honesty the hour(the hour with Homer Hughson.) that McCown did with McGoo was awful. Not bad, not boring, AWFUL.

I then suffered through what sounded like the most boring hockey game ever played at the ACC last night on the drive home.

Was anyone at the ACC or did the radio drown out ever sound in the building entirely?

Loved Gord Stellick in the intermission.

i am sure I am in the minority here, but clearly the Leafs can do better than Jim Ralph doing color right?

Ric Nattress is a good addition, I am curious does he not sound like a much smarter version of Mike Milbury???

So I got home last night and started flipping through the papers, I listened to a few radio shows this morning and good god please bring back the lockout.

Are we really that desperate to be contemplating who the leafs should be starting in net AFTER 2 GAMES?

We are applauding attendance and tv ratings after 2 games?

Seriously, 2 games and it’ like we are at the all star break.

The hockey media is so desperate to feed what it believes is an insatiable appetite for information that we are getting hockey analysis paralysis. Seriously, I don’t want to read or hear any of it. Wake me when teams are 1/4 of the way through.

Phil Kessel has been invisible???? It’s 2 games!
Leafs can’t afford to trade for Luongo???

Good lord.

Can we go back to discussing HRR please!

Happy Tuesday!


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