Prime Time Sports Review for Tuesday, January 22, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Paul Jones, FAN590 Toronto Raptors play-by-play commentator

  • Bob talks with Jones about the Lakers, Jones thinks that D’Antoni should be fired and that Mike Brown was never the problem and his strategies were sound
  • Bob wonders if the Raptors should trade for Nash or Gasol, Jones thinks that Gasol would be a good fit, but that they’d have to change their style to play with Nash
  • Jones suggests that the Celtics want to blow up their team and the Raptors should go looking, Bob says the Celtics have nothing he wants unless they would give up Rondo
  • Bob and Jones get to talking about the CFL and Bruce McNall, Bob says that McNall did good things for the NHL but Gary Bettman thought the LA Kings success could be sustained and expanded to the sunbelt

Second segment: Interview with Michael Heistand, USA Today

  • Bob and Heistand talk about the amount of Superbowl coverage on TV
  • Heistand points out that nobody seems to be talking about the murders that Ray Lewis was accused in

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Sid Seixeiro co-hosting for first segment, Damien Cox co-hosting for the rest

First segment: Talk segment

  • Damien Cox is late so Sid Seixeiro fills in as co-host
  • Bob and Seixeiro talk about random things
  • Bob and Seixeiro argue about whether Bill Belichick should have spoken to the media after the game, Bob doesn’t care whether he does or not, says that coaches have nothing interesting to say

Second segment: Interview with Nick Kypreos, Sportsnet hockey analyst

  • Damien Cox now replaces Sid Seixeiro as co-host
  • Cox says that the problem with MLSE is that they don’t have a CEO, and suggests that Gretzky would be a good fit for the job
  • Cox asks if the league would want Gretzky as president of the Leafs with the Phoenix Coyotes situation unresolved, Kypreos thinks they would want the Coyotes resolved first
  • Bob thinks that Gary wouldn’t want Gretzky in Toronto because he’d be wasted in Toronto and should be in a market where he “sellS” the game
  • Kypreos says that Jordan is in Charlotte, and could also be considered a “waste”, Cox and Bob agree

Third segment: Interview with Dale Tallon, Florida Panthers General Manager

  • Tallon talks about the Panthers and Alex Kovalev
  • Bob asks what the bar for the Panthers is, Tallon says that realistically it’s about being competitive while developing young players

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

  • Ryan says that Belichick shouldn’t give post-game interviews if he won’t say anything after them, but still thinks Belichick shouldn’t have snubbed the media
  • Ryan says that Belichick is good at interviews on the days following a game, but is terrible after a game
  • Cox asks about Terry Francona’s allegation that the Boston Red Sox have become all about glitz, Ryan says that the Red Sox ownership has recently gotten involved in all sorts of other entertainment and sports enterprises and that’s affected the team
  • Ryan says that the Red Sox salary range will be around the 150-170 range but they’re scared of the luxury tax
  • Ryan says the Red Sox are spending too much money on good but not great players
  • Cox believes that Manti Te’o is just an innocent goofy kid who got himself way in over his head, but that there are no sinister things going on with either him or Notre Dame
  • Ryan says that it’s hard to believe that Te’o couldn’t attract a real person, and that it’s hard to buy the whole story because otherwise Te’o is amazingly stupid
  • Ryan also points out that Notre Dame continued to act as if Te’o had a real girlfriend even after they were supposedly told
  • Cox says that he understands why Te’o would continue to lie to avoid humiliation, Bob says that nobody would keep up a hoax for 4 years
  • Bob again brings up the theory that Te’o might be gay, thinks if he came out that he’d go up in the draft because people would be sympathetic

Second segment: Interview with Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated legal analyst

  • McCann talks about the Rooney rule in the NFL that teams have to interview at least one African American coaching candidate
  • Bob says he’s always been uncomfortable with the rule and how it’s been applied, and that it shouldn’t be policy, but owners taking the lead and hiring minority coaches and saying they’re a good idea

Third segment: Interview with Wayne Parrish, president of Canada Basketball

  • Bob asks Parrish how often he talks to Steve Nash, Parrish says he talks to him fairly often
  • Cox asks if Nash, who is GM of Team Canada, turning down the Raptors would hurt people wanting to play for Canada, Parrish says that everybody respects that Nash made the decision for his family and won’t hold it against the program


I find it interesting that Bob seems to only “blame” McNall for the NHL southern expansion because of the Gretzky trade, but not for hiring Gary Bettman to enact it.  I know Bob likes McNall and hates Bettman which is why he’s framing it that way, but McNall is the one who hired Bettman to be commissioner and part of Bettman’s mandate (from what I understand) was to expand the NHL.

During the Kypreos interview, I was waiting for somebody to point out that part of Jordan’s limited profile in the NBA as an owner/manager is because of how he’s alienated so many people in his mismanagement of the Wizards and now the Bobcats, but neither Bob or Cox did.  His situation isn’t quite the same as Gretzky’s, nor is his reputation as a non-player.

Sportsnet is now making that interview a big deal and acting as if Bob had somehow broken this “news” when, as far as I can tell, Cox just came up with Gretzky’s name out of his own speculation and Bob and Kypreos ran with it.  It didn’t seem like anybody had any insider information or that there’s even any hints this might happen, but it’s a headline on now.

I’m glad that at least Cox believes it’s possible to fall in love online and just get carried away with thinking you found your perfect partner online.  Not that it’s LOGICAL or makes sense (few things involving emotions, hormones, and youth do), but it’s just nice to see him say that it happens and it isn’t unusual, and neither are fake internet identities, because of how many older people analyzing this situation are just saying “that’s ridiculous and could never happen!”

I do agree with Bob though that 4 years seems too long a time to keep this up, simply just because I would think people would get bored with having to commit hours of their day to talk to a guy they don’t actually like online, especially if there was a girl involved who had to pretend to be her on voice.  I mean if it WAS 4 years, she’d practically be his girlfriend, or it’d be like her job.

Bob seems surprisingly invested in the theory that Te’o is gay.  He keeps bringing it up every chance he gets. o_O   I think Bob is severely underestimating the homophobia that would come out, or be added on to the already hostile treatment that Te’o is getting, if Te’o revealed that this was all because he was trying to hide that he’s gay, though.  It’s good that Bob would be sympathetic to Te’o, but I think that a lot of people (especially online) would just add the fa-word to their negative statements about his character.  Also, others might still have an issue with the way he played it up, and had everybody caring for a fake dead person.

That was a really long conversation with Bob Ryan about Te’o, and I know a lot of people are uninterested in the story and the speculation, so I wonder how many people tuned out during it (or are tuning this review out.  xD)

Bob seemed confused about what “Tom Brady’s slide” could have meant when it was put on his topics list, so I’m guessing he isn’t up on the controversy about that?  Bob wondered if it was about an emotional slide (i.e. that Tom Brady was depressed).

The Bodog ads continue to make me laugh.  They sound like the back of a video game package or fantasy novel.  “Hockey defied the odds, and its greatness will fulfill its destinyyyyyyyy.”

Nothing particularly really interested me on this show.  I have thoughts on the Te’o situation only in a general sense as it pertains to internet culture and what COULD be possible, but as I said before, anything could still be possible (if, highly improbable) and we really still don’t have enough facts to know.

This was a very speculative show though, with all the Te’o talk, who the Raptors might want to trade for, and the discussion about Gretzky being President and CEO of MLSE.

On Bob Bingo, this show reminded me of two more Bobisms I forgot: “Thing One and Thing Two” and “commit Hari Kiri”.

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