Prime Time Sports Review for Friday, January 25, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener phone calls with Jeff Blair

  • Calls are about the Leafs, Blair talks about how much he prefers Carlyle over Ron Wilson becuase Carlyle doesn’t create drama every day

5pm hour – Roundtable discussion with Jeff Blair, Dave Perkins, John Shannon and Michael Grange

First segment: Discussion about the Maple Leafs’ start

  • Blair and Shannon are impressed by Randy Carlyle as the coach
  • Perkins thinks it’s way too early to start evaluating the Leafs or the coach
  • Grange thinks the Leafs need to tank and get a high draft pick

Second segment: Discussion about the Raptors’ season

  • Blair thinks it’s not a good sign that Calderon is your best point guard
  • Perkins points out that the Raptors would be in the basement in the Western conference
  • Grange thinks the Raptors need to tank and get a high draft pick

Third segment: Thoughts on the Te’o situation

  • Perkins thinks it’s just some kid who got punk’d and everybody should just stop caring
  • Perkins lambasts the US football culture and Notre Dame’s handling of the situation
  • Blair and Perkins complain about how everybody holds baseball reporters to a high standard in terms of reporting steroids, but nobody cares about how football reporters don’t report football players committing crimes, lying or taking steroids

6pm hour – Roundtable continues

First segment: Did Yakupov’s celebration go too far?

  • Shannon and Blair thinks it’s great to see emotion and fun
  • Perkins has no problem with it but thinks people celebrate too much in sports over little things in general
  • Grange thinks it’s bad form for Yakupov to be running past his teammates to celebrate, relates a story of Yakupov walking away from the press at the WJHC
  • General discussion about the NHL season and players attempting to get into form without a long training camp

Second segment: Will the hall of fame voting be changed after nobody was voted in in the last vote?

  • Perkins tells the story of Punch Imlach making up a Sabres Draft Pick named Taro Tsujimoto in the 1974 NHL draft
  • Perkins is fine if the hall of fame takes the vote away from the BBWAA, but he wants to know who they’re giving it to that’s more qualified
  • Shannon thinks it’s stupid to take the vote away because of one result people don’t like
  • Grange asks about Pete Rose, Perkins says Rose can’t be voted in by the writers, but that he’ll eventually get in after he dies
  • Perkins is against steroid use, but thinks that you can’t hold it against the players who used during the steroid era

Third segment: Prime Time Bullets

  • First bullet is about Mike Weir making a cut, Perkins says good for him
  • Second bullet is about Alex Rodriguez being possibly injured all year, Perkins finds it unlikely now that Rodriguez will be able to break the all time home run record
  • Third bullet is about the Miracle on Ice winning goal stick being auctioned, Shannon tells a story about people asking Herb Brooks’ autograph during a promotion of 1989’s Batman and ignoring Michael Keaton


Nobody seems to have remembered that the Raptors first round draft pick this year (traded away to the Rockets who traded it to the Thunder in the Harden trade) is top 3 protected only, and therefore the Raptors moving up or down a few spots probably will do nothing for the Raptors.  Grange was complaining that the Raptors doing well has moved them down a few draft slots, but it’s unlikely the Raptors will finish bottom 3 this year, so the pick will most likely be going to the Thunder regardless.  Also, if Grange wants to pick high in the 2014 draft like he said, then the Raptors should give the Thunder the pick this year rather than in 2014 (when it’s only top 2 protected).

I find it funny how Grange was clearly unhappy with Yakupov’s celebration and with his attitude to reporters at the WJHC, but was trying at the beginning to couch it as possible reasons people might have an issue with it because of how strongly Blair and Shannon were positive about it.  He kept bringing up these reasons though, and to me, it really seemed like Grange himself was the one who found it problematic.  Later on he made it more clear by saying he hates all showy in-game celebrations in general.

Perkins’ reaction to the Te’o situation was refreshing because it was nice to have somebody finally say “who cares?” on PTS rather than the constant detectiving and misunderstanding of what’s possible on the internet that’s been going on.  Perkins thought it’s perfectly possible that Te’o was hoaxed, and doesn’t think it’s a big deal.  I also think it was interesting to talk about the Notre Dame involvement in this because Bob’s only briefly touched on it, and I think that’s a more interesting story in this than Te’o at this point.

Amazingly, I’ve never heard of the Taro Tsujimoto story before, and I thought it was amusing.

I hope that Blair will stop complaining about Ron Wilson at some point.  He complained about him all season last year, and even though he’s been fired, he’s still being put down by Blair this season.

In general, I liked this roundtable, and thought there was a lot of good discussion and had good flow.  Shannon didn’t derail any topics (at least to a degree that I remember strongly), and Perkins told some interesting stories, and I thought everybody had pretty good chemistry with each other.

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January 26, 2013 2:18 am

“Shannon didn’t derail any topics……” LOL

Usually I listen to 1050 at night, but I heard that frog/CBS guy tonight for the first time. I have to agree with everyone about his awful delivery, but I have to give him credit for becoming a talk show host with that voice. It must have been an uphill battle (imagine the job interviews) but he had a dream and achieved it.

Finally, maybe the Jays could copy this:

January 26, 2013 2:54 am
Reply to  Kamlesh

The dude with the weird voice on CBS radio is Scott Ferrall…. I’m not a fan of him personally, but believe it or not, he’s actually been pretty successful:

January 26, 2013 2:55 am
Reply to  Daniel
January 26, 2013 2:58 am

For those who listen to The Fan overnight – safe to say you don’t like the switch to CBS Radio? Judging by twitter and on here, everyone preferred Stormin Norman et al.

Lance D.
Lance D.
January 26, 2013 4:11 pm

Is Ami an eccentric and independently wealthy fan of sports radio? I can’t imagine ever having the time to type all the posts on PTS shows in fine detail.

Ami, you are either the biggest PTS/Bob McCown fan in the world, or you need help.

Either way, hope it’s all going well.

January 26, 2013 8:05 pm
Reply to  Lance D.

If you’ve noticed, there’s plenty of weeks I have taken off because I haven’t had time to listen (or interest, if it’s a Cox/Shannon week). But in general, I’m always listening to podcasts while I do stuff because it keeps my mind from being bored while I do chores and things. And people here seem to want me to do it, so as a favor, I just quickly write up each show (if I’m by a computer while I listen, I flip to notepad in between doing other things and jot down a note, if not the shows are less detailed), and my thoughts. In terms of just writing time, maybe 20 minutes? So that’s not much time at all. I type really fast 😀

January 26, 2013 10:24 pm
Reply to  Ami_Angelwings

The reviews are great. I listen to podcasts while I’m working/cooking/exercising to keep my mind busy too.

January 27, 2013 5:52 pm

many of you have asked how to edit your comments, i think it’s clear here how to do it

January 27, 2013 7:48 pm
Reply to  Kamlesh

it actually hurts my ears physically, not metaphorically, to listen to Ferrell. I remember when he worked for the Thrashers, before moving on to, IIRC, be on Stern’s 101 channel on Sirius.

January 27, 2013 7:50 pm
Reply to  Ami_Angelwings

It’s actually much easier to do notes when listening live than waiting for the podcast. When I was doing them for Ami (or when I did the Cybulski reviews), listening while driving home or eating dinner meant I could post them almost right after the end of the show.

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