Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, January 24, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Damien argue about Francois Allaire and goaltending styles
  • Bob again rants about how modern goalies are robots
  • Cox thinks that the style changes have made goalies better, Bob thinks it’s the equipment

Second segment: Interview with Paul Kelly, former NHLPA head

  • Bob asks Kelly about his reaction to Andrew Ference saying that if Kelly was in charge and not Fehr, the NHLPA would have capitulated, Kelly says that his first reaction was anger, but he’s calmed down
  • Kelly explains one incident during his run as NHLPA head that may have caused Ference to dislike him
  • Kelly talks about the lockout and how the NHLPA handled it
  • Bob asks why the NHLPA wouldn’t support moving some of the poor sunbelt teams to Canada, Kelly says that when he mentioned that Phoenix moving to Hamilton might be good, he got attacked by players and agents because it would affect players’ livelihoods and happiness

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob talks about how the NHL needs to relocate their sunbelt teams to Canada and other areas that will make the teams profitable
  • Bob and Shannon argue whether or not the NHLPA should be supportive of relocation

Second segment: Interview with Jon Paul Morosi, FOX Sports baseball reporter

  • Morosi talks about Justin Upton being traded from the Diamondbacks to the Braves
  • Bob asks if there’s another team that has improved themselves the way the Jays have, Morosi says no team has made as many moves as the Jays, but that the Nationals have improved by getting Dan Haren

Third segment: Susan Fennell, Brampton Mayor

  • Bob asks if Brampton is going to give financial support to the new Central Hockey Team coming to the city, Fennell says that city council has agreed to build a jumbotron for the arena
  • Fennell believes the team can be successful and if the ownership group engages Brampton fans, they will come out
  • Bob asks what the CHL team will bring that will make it successful that the OHL team didn’t do, Fennell says that she believes the product is hockey and that fans love hockey and cheering for a Brampton team and it will do well
  • Fennell talks about what a great hockey city Brampton is, and how excited she is, and how great the team will do in Brampton because Brampton fans love hockey

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Kelly Hrudey, Hockey Night in Canada analyst and color commentator

  • Bob, Shannon and Hrudey discuss wines
  • Hrudey talks about being nervous about doing color commentary
  • Hrudey thinks the Leafs are a more defensive team and that is why they were able to beat the Penguins
  • Bob asks if getting the players to play a defensive system is sustainable, Hrudey says he thinks it is
  • Shannon asks if the Edmonton Oilers are still on a learning curve after being blown out, Hrudey says that if they handle it well this could be a great thing for the Oilers
  • Bob talks about the rumor he’s spreading that Gretzky may join the L.A. Kings in some capacity with the new ownership group

Second segment: Interview with Dr. Jerry Argovitz, author of the book Super Agent: The One Book the NFL and NCAA Don’t Want You To Read

  • Bob asks Argovitz why he believes that the NCAA should allow players to have agents and collectively bargain like the pros do, Argovitz says that amateur sports are a myth, and that Division I football and basketball are huge industries that make money off the back of “amateur” athletes
  • Bob says that agents representing individual college players troubles him, but that he thinks a collective bargaining association protecting the players is a good idea
  • Argovitz says it’s time for the NCAA to take a hike in terms of representing the players, and that the players need their own representation in the way of a union
  • Argovitz believes the media needs to get behind the players, but Bob says the media is already in bed with the NCAA and they won’t champion the cause
  • Shannon believes that ultimately the athletes themselves will have to organize because nobody else will stand up for them

Third segment: Sue Leslie, Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association president

  • Leslie says that because of the time and effort that are needed to breed horses, knowing that Woodbine has only committed to having horse racing for 2 years, and the rest of the province has no committment, means that horse breeders are leaving Ontario
  • Leslie says that Ontario needs to modernize Ontario Lottery and Gaming and include horse racing, otherwise the horse racing industry are in competition with OLG


If they had put Sue Leslie in one of the interview slots where she had more time, I think Bob would have been in heaven today.  He got to talk about 4 topics that he cares a lot about and has strong opinions on: 1) Moving southern US NHL teams to Canada 2) NHL goalies these days being robots 3) NCAA players being paid 4) Horse Racing in Ontario.

The first topic wasn’t even really on the radar, Bob just somehow manages to bring it up whenever they have a hockey business/law type of person on.  And he managed to make it two segments.  As I said, it’s something he’s very passionate about though, and I do like seeing Bob be passionate and care about the topics he talks about.  It’s just that at this point I’ve heard him say this so many times, I know exactly what he’s going to say, and when he’s going to say it.

It was the same with Damien too, and Bob’s rant about NHL butterfly goalies being robots and how back in the day goalies were more skilled and wore less pads and etc.  Even down to the “Bobby Hull cruising down the wing” comment which he says everytime he talks about this topic.  Once you get Bob off on one of his favourite topics that he has an opinion on, you get everything, including the same examples and stories. xD

I found the Hrudey interview boring, and I didn’t think anything interesting was said, just usual hockey things about playing defense and young teams needing to grow.

The mayor of Brampton frightens me. o_o  She is so incredibly enthusiastic and energetic, but yet didn’t actually say anything.  Bob asked her why a team from a less popular league will succeed when an OHL team didn’t, and she just kept talking on and on about how great hockey is, how much she loves hockey, how Brampton loves hockey, how everybody will turn out to support hockey, and how excited she is.  That didn’t answer the question at all.  And she answered every question this way.  It was just about how great hockey is, how enthusiastic the ownership group is, how Brampton people are the greatest people in Canada, and other happy stories about the wonders of hockey and Brampton, but nothing… substantive at all about why this will work for Brampton, or what challenges they might run into.  She didn’t even explain why the OHL team left if Brampton loves hockey so much.  It was like she just ran over Bob and Shannon with a giant truck of happiness, optimism, sparkles and hockey.  Even Bob seemed awed by her enthusiasm.

The guy from yesterday who bought the team sounded exactly like this too.  Maybe there’s something in the water.

I liked the Argovitz interview, and I think Bob enjoyed talking to a guest who agreed with him so strongly on the subject.  I wish there had been more detailed discussion about how such an entity would work though, and how they would deal with splitting up the money, and etc…

I don’t know very much about horse racing, and the final segment was so short, so I was actually surprised I managed to get as much out of it as I did.  I know that to those familiar with the situation, it’s probably old hat, but usually in these types of situations (short segment, a topic I know nothing about), I’m completely left in the dust about what’s going on, but I actually understood the situation by the end of it.  I credit Sue Leslie with being able to get her message out effectively with so little time for the interview.

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