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While driving from Whistler to Seattle I caught the Toronto Maple Leafs game on the radio and I was struck by how weak Jim Ralph is as color guy on the broadcast. Is Ralph really the best the team can do? Is the pay so poor?

So my question for you is, of you could nominate someone to do color on leafs radio games who would it be?

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January 26, 2013 11:12 am

Bill Watters needs work!

mike in boston
mike in boston
January 26, 2013 12:02 pm

i have no opinion on Ralph, but was looking in the archives and came across this excellent discussion we had 7 months ago about talent poaching.


Here’s a question for the hockey-pucks: which station (including TV/Web/Radio) has the best NHL coverage? Which station has the best Leafs coverage? If SN/TSN could poach one guy from TSN/SN, who would it be?

mike in boston
mike in boston
January 26, 2013 12:12 pm

feeling nostalgic for the good old days today … one from the archives from 3 years ago, with some excellent analysis by TSM, and an appearance by Brady in the comments:

January 26, 2013 11:56 pm
Reply to  mike in boston

I like Ralph and Bowen. It’s too bad Dennis Beyak has gone to Winnipeg, I prefer him over Dan Dunleavy. Though it’s early, I have to say I’m not impressed by any of the post game shows. Frost is okay in small doses. I like the 590 pregame show, as Stellick can reach into his rolodex and bring some impressive guests to the show. But in the post game show he seems tired. I’m not sure but he might be recovering from a cold so he might get better.

While Tatti and McArthur do a good job on the average Gamenight show, with the pregame and postgame show it comes across as too corporate. I don’t remember who did the pregame show from Lord Stanley’s Mug the last few seasons, it may have been Duff or Koshan. That show had a lot of energy that is missing from these ones, as the buzz from the crowd made its way over the radio. The best part of 1050 is when the post game show gives way to Matt Cauz.

With his brilliant sense of humour and easy way of dealing with callers he can create a sort of community, if that’s the right word, that you want for a post game show. His interviews with Jonas Siegel, Sean MacIndoe, et al are excellent. I think 1050 should get from Tatti/McArthur to Cauz sooner than they do – maybe after a 1/2 wrap up, instead of the 1 hour, which is the norm now. Tatti and company don’t take calls, and I don’t think Tatti would be good at taking calls. He seems more the emcee type.

Then again it’s still early with everybody getting use to their new show. But so far we have 3 post game shows with no one like Wilner.

January 29, 2013 12:13 am

Why not Jack Armstrong?
(I know, I know. At least he is entertaining and doesn’t try to talk through every single second of dead air, like most analysts.)

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