Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, January 28, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Tim Micallef, co-host of Tim & Sid, FAN590

  • Bob and Micallef talk about the Maple Leafs and the possibility of blowing up the team and drafting high

Second segment: Interview with Stephen Brunt, co-host of Prime Time Sports, Sportsnet columnist

  • Brunt talks about the Super Bowl and how unwelcome NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in New Orleans because of his suspension of New Orleans players
  • Bob believes Goodell did the right thing in trying to hand out suspensions to the players, Brunt thinks he overreached

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First  segment: Interview with Doug MacLean, Sportsnet hockey analyst

  • MacLean talks about his son being injured and needing surgery
  • MacLean talks about the P.K. Subban situation and the Canadiens wanting to see more from Subban

Second segment: Interview with Doug MacLean continues

  • MacLean talks about the Maple Leafs and trading away Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf
  • MacLean believes the Leafs need to get draft picks and try to get star players through the draft

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Cox briefly discuss the Markham hockey arena situation

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Rob Becker, Sportsnet legal analyst

  • Becker talks about the investigation into Anthony Bosch, a person who has been linked to providing athletes with PEDs and testosterone
  • Cox asks Becker if the authorities are more interested in getting the players or the distributors, Becker says they’re more interested in the distributors
  • Becker talks about the suggestion of lawsuits against Lance Armstrong for lying about using steroids and therefore his books defrauded people into being inspired, Becker thinks it’s ridiculous because you can’t be defrauded for being inspired by a book
  • Cox talks about a lawsuit a man has launched against the Kansas City Royals mascot throwing a hotdog in his eye and damaging it to the point he needed surgery, Becker says it’s a legitimate lawsuit due to how injured he was
  • Bob and Becker argue with Cox about whether a hot dog could cause that much damage, Cox thinks that he couldn’t have been injured like that and might have been injured beforehand
  • Cox mocks Becker saying he could not throw a hot dog to hit Cox in the eye because he’s too weak

Second segment: Interview with George Gillett, former Montreal Canadiens owner

  • Gillett talks about being asked to consult on the Markham Arena deal and his recommendations
  • Gillett says the discussion was very balanced
  • Gillett says that the Canadian sports media is malicious
  • Cox asks if Gillett is interested in being part of the Markham project, Gillett says he isn’t

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Cox talk about the Markham arena situation and the possibility of an expansion team being moved in, but also the dangers of building an arena with no tenant and hoping for one, like Kansas City and Hamilton


Originally I was going to take this week off (and I still might for the rest of it until maybe Friday), but I ended up generally listening to the show (though, I don’t remember it in detail), so I figured since I’m by a computer I’ll write up a review for it.

One of Bob’s favourite people was linked to one of Bob’s favourite topics over the weekend, so of course 3 segments of the show get dedicated to him talking about it.  Even though I live in Markham, I found it hard for me to pay attention to the Gillett interview.  The topic is just not that interesting to me, and I already know everybody’s views on it, and the same ground is always covered.

Becker got into another fight with the PTS co-host, this time Cox, and since this is Cox, he went to mocking people instead of making an argument, so we got to hear Cox talk about how weak Becker probably is.  I didn’t find it really interesting, and Cox ignored the point that the guy did suffer the injuries he did despite Cox claiming it couldn’t happen.  It could be just a really freaky fluke, and therefore the lawsuit has no merit because it’s not a likely thing to happen in the course of throwing hotdogs, but it still did happen.  It feels like Cox didn’t know how badly the guy was injured when he first took his position, and after Bob pointed it out, Cox then got defensive that it couldn’t have happened.

The second Doug Maclean segment was a rehash over the usual “should the Maple Leafs tank and rebuild” thing, and we got to hear Bob again tell us that a high first round pick is different than a low one.  I didn’t mind his analysis of the P.K. Subban situation though.  Also, I hope MacLean’s son recovers from his surgery okay, and everything is fine for him. :\

The Brunt conversation was a bit rambly, but I did like Bob saying that he thought Goodell did the right thing because it was a point of difference between him and Brunt and got some discussion going.  But in general, it was just usual “you don’t do anything during Super Bowl week Brunt!  Nobody cares about media week!” etc etc that Bob feels about Superbowl week.

In general, I had trouble keeping interest in this show because outside of the Becker segment, and parts of the Brunt segment, I’ve basically heard all of these opinions before on PTS, and from Bob.

On the bright side, nobody was talking about Manti Te’o! xD

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