Prime Time Sports Review for Tuesday, January 29, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener phone calls with Bob McCown

  • Calls are about a variety of topics, a few focus on steroids in baseball, Bob says he’s against it and thinks it’s cheating but he wonders if it’s possible to stop it

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Keith Pelley, Rogers Media President

  • Pelley talks about Rogers renewing their contract to have the Buffalo Bills play a game every season in Toronto
  • Bob asks Pelley about putting real grass in the Rogers Centre and if that will kick out the Argos, Pelley says Rogers does want to put in real grass and that may mean the end of the CFL at Rogers Centre but that there will be other options for the Argos
  • Pelley says that real grass probably wouldn’t get done by 2014 and might not by 2015 depending on what happens with the Pan Am games
  • Bob asks if Rogers would want to buy the Argos, Pelley says that the Argos don’t provide enough content in terms of games played a year for Rogers to be interested
  • Bob asks if this means Rogers isn’t interested in buying the CFL rights, Pelley doesn’t answer that, Bob gets annoyed, Shannon defends Pelley

Second segment: Interview with Nick Kypreos, Sportsnet hockey analyst

  • Bob asks why Subban signed the deal with the Canadiens, Kypreos says that his other choice was to sit out the whole season
  • Kypreos thinks that Subban’s deal might not be that bad for him, and he could get much more in his next contract
  • Kypreos says that Subban can rub some people the wrong way, Bob defends Subban’s character and says he’s a good guy because Bob’s been around him a bit
  • Kypreos talks about what’s wrong with the Capitals, Bob doesn’t think it’s all Ovechkin’s fault
  • Shannon and Kypreos discuss the Tampa Bay Lightning

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Shannon talk about the Markham arena plans, Shannon disagrees with George Gillett and thinks an arena could work in Markham and believes that there would be enough events to make it viable without an NHL team
  • Shannon points to AEG being successful with their arena in Kansas City without a hockey team, Bob says that there is much more competition int he GTA than in Kansas City for the entertainment dollar
  • Shannon believes that with the digital world we live in now it’s a lot easier to get people to come to a new arena and get attractions to it

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Doug Marrone, new Buffalo Bills head coach

  • Marrone talks about how he got into football when he was considering law school
  • Marrone talks about the Buffalo Bills and what he thinks of the team, is excited to come to Toronto for a game

Second segment: Interview with Orlando Franklin, Denver Broncos offensive lineman

  • Franklin talks about the differences between playing with Peyton Manning vs. playing with Tim Tebow the season before, says that Manning audibles 80% of his plays

Third segment: Interview with Brian Cooper, Prime Time Sports business analyst

  • Shannon thinks that the NFL might be better off not having a team in Los Angeles, Cooper says you always want a team in a major market
  • Shannon and Cooper argue about some financial stuff involving the LA market and football
  • Bob and Cooper talk about their favourite TV ads, Bob likes the Nike commercial involving Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy


I’m amused by the caller who asked Bob to play word association, and with Barry Bonds, Bob said “drugs”, and with Ray Lewis, Bob said “murder” and the caller was caught off guard because he didn’t expect Bob to remember.  His point was that nobody remembers Lewis murdered anybody, and I’m glad Bob did (I wonder if it’s because Heistand jogged his memory a week ago though).  It was just amusing to me that briefly the caller was like “… oh” and had to gather himself for a second.

The Buffalo Bills coming to Toronto is the greatest thing ever, so says the president of Rogers Media on a Rogers station!  Bob held back on his criticism of the whole thing as you would expect with his boss on.  I don’t expect that hosts of a radio show owned by a big company would be able to ask “tough questions” to an excutive of that company, so I understand the situation, but I really roll my eyes at basically a big “everything is great!” ad for the Bills in Toronto games.  And the one time Bob DOES try to get something interesting out of Pelley (that because the Argos don’t provide enough content for Rogers to think of owning them, then maybe the CFL rights aren’t of interest to Rogers either), Shannon just interrupts and essentially tells Bob to be quiet.  Whenever Shannon falls back into his corporate defender mode, it’s so annoying.  It’s like because he’s so used to being an executive, he sometimes just automatically defends other executives.

Apparently you can’t criticize Subban on PTS now or Bob will tell you how great a guy he is and how much he enjoyed meeting him.  It’s funny that Kypreos responded to Bob saying that Subban’s a “good guy” by saying “they’re all good guys!”  Usually, Bob’s the one who says stuff like that to dismiss people trying to convince him how good a guy an athlete is, but then most athletes aren’t Friends of Bob™.

I really liked Shannon in the 3rd segment of the 5pm hour because he showed his knowledge of the business of sports by countering Bob’s assertions that a Markham arena will necessarily fail and I think he provided some pretty strong evidence (if he’s to be trusted, I obviously haven’t verified it.)

I thought the Marrone interview was a bit interesting when they went into his past and how he got to football, and I enjoyed the Frankling interview more than I thought because of how in depth he went into the differences of playing with Manning compared to Tebow.

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