Toronto Raptors Deal Review


Can you imagine if the Leafs mid season made a deal like the Raptors did today? The Coverage of the deal would be everywhere with editors and non traditional sports pundits jumping in. Not the case here with the Raptors.

In any event here’s your summary:

Doug Smith from the Toronto Star:

“It was a few moments of incredible sadness Wednesday night as the Raptors sent away two of the team’s most popular players in a blockbuster, franchise-altering deal that represents a roll of the dice for president and general manager Bryan Colangelo.
Calderon and Davis, along with a 2013 second-round draft pick, were dealt to the Memphis Grizzlies for Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi.
It is a deal that adds substantial long-term salary to Toronto’s books but addresses a long-standing need for an athletic, accomplished small forward.”

A move of incredible sadness?

How often do sports trade get classified that way?

Holly Mackenzie at Sportsnet:

“This is a bold move for the Raptors. Yes, the immediate payoff is turning Calderon’s expiring US $10.5 million contract into the best player in the deal in Gay, but the 26-year-old forward comes with a hefty price tag. Gay has two years remaining on his contract and is owed more than US $37 million. In addition to giving up Davis as he has emerged as a solid young big man, blossoming as a starter starting in place of the injured Bargnani, the Raptors also give away a player still on his rookie deal that will pay him just $3.5 million next season. In parting with Calderon, they send away the longest tenured player on the roster. Calderon trailed only Morris Peterson for most games played all-time in a Raptors uniform.”

Bold,okay. But was it the right move?

Bryan Colangelo hinted that another big name could be on the move too, The Toronto Sun‘s Ryan Wolstate tackled that in a separate article:

“Andrea is a player that has definitely garnered interest. Unfortunately when he gets hurt that takes him off the market,” Colangelo explained after breaking down the Gay trade to reporters.

“That’s not to say we’re going to trade Andrea … He’s a unique talent, but sometimes a change of address is not bad. I’m not saying he’s asked for a trade, but he would certainly not fight or resist a situation if it was the right situation.”

Is that the other shoe to drop???

Just as you may have been getting excited about the move, Yahoo!’s Kelly Dwyer craps all over the deal for the Raptors:

“This is how the NBA’s various interests work. Detroit badly needs a distributor, and despite his many misgivings, Calderon is one of the NBA’s best and he owns an expiring contract that will help the Pistons get far under the salary cap this summer. Memphis saves a huge amount of cash while being able to distribute Gay’s 16.4 shot attempts per game amongst more efficient players, and Toronto … well, we have no idea what the hell Toronto is doing.
We know why the Raptors want Rudy Gay. He looked like a real comer back in 2006, but he’s done absolutely nothing besides look the part of an All-Star while offering the production of an average player. When you factor in the history that suggests he’ll be taking shots away from players who do more productive things with the ball offensively, this average turn might trend down into the realm of the negative. Toss in his maximum contract and … another winner, Bryan Colangelo!”

Chris Mannix over at SI. com has another look at the deal:

“But Gay is still a legitimate one-on-one scorer, a versatile forward who can create his own shot against any defender — and who isn’t afraid to take it. Gay scored 26 points in his last game against Philadelphia, the last two, an eight-footer off an offensive rebound, the game winner.
“These trades are absolutely terrible,” says a Western Conference scout. “Gay is a young star. He has been used as Memphis’s third option this season. They hardly ran any plays for him. Prince has been finished for two years. Speights complimented Gasol and Randolph, which Davis doesn’t. And Daye can’t play dead.”

Speaking of playing dead, it’s d-day in the desert for the Phoenix Coyotes, AGAIN. The proposed owner has until midnight Thursday to buy the team and well…..

“While some sources and officials familiar with the Coyotes deal say the money is there, others say Jamison has two-thirds of the needed cash. Others insist it is far less than that.
ESPN reported today Jamison needs a last-minute infusion to get the deal done. Another local executive involved with pro sports machinations is more blunt.
“He’s not close,” said the executive, who asked not to be identified. Still, that executive did not rule out a last-second sale.”

That from the Phoenix Business Journal.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…


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