Are Raptors, Maple Leafs & Blue Jays Moves Similar?

by TSM

Interesting take by Damien Cox in the Star today. The Raptors trade, which is being BBQ’d in a lot of media outlets south of the border follows “win now baby” moves by the Maple Leafs and Blue Jays.

“first, the Blue Jays make a series of stunning moves, altering their course dramatically from a gradual building process to going for the World Series immediately.
Then, the Maple Leafs stun the entire hockey world by abruptly deciding that the face of their franchise and resident hockey genius, Brian Burke, is a genius no more, and send him packing in a confounding, shocking move.
Now, the Raptors have compounded their aggressive move from last off-season in which they traded a first-round pick to get point guard Kyle Lowry by sending another big chunk of the future to Memphis to get a player, Rudy Gay, some rate as just a notch below the Kobe Bryants and Carmelo Anthonys of the world.”

My question for you on this Weekend is, are the moves really similar at all?

The Blue Jays have made multiple moves which suggest that the time frame for AA and Beeston to win is short. They clearly are trying to win now.

The Maple Leafs fired Brian Burke but seem to have taken a more reserved approach then a win now baby approach wouldn’t you say? I mean if Burke got fired and Nonis came in and immediately dealt for Roberto Luongo, giving up the future to do so, I would, with eyes rolling, say here we go again. Firing the GM, wasn’t in my opinion shocking in it’s nature, but rather in it’s timing. I certainly didn’t say that ownership is saying win now baby by virtue of firing Burke. Allowing Nonis to play the kids as he has seems to suggest otherwise.

Then there is the Raptors. What’s more confounding about the latest trade is that Bryan Colangelo was allowed to make it. I admit, I look to others for my basketball trade opinions. I know what I don’t know. it certainly seems like this move was not a slam dunk to win now given that no other questions have been answered. More so, all the other problems remain. Doug Smith at the Toronto Star suggested in his latest article that the Raptors gave up too much in the deal. So if the return wasn’t – win now baby, and they gave up too much and more importantly if they are going to reassess the GM at the end of the season why allow him to make the deal at all?

Oh yeah, ownership doesn’t meddle!

My question to you on this weekend Poll edition, is, are the moves as Damien suggests indicative of a sense of urgency in Toronto sports. (just win baby would be a welcome change from the previous, just make us money mantra we all have heard for years).


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