Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, January 31, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Butch Carter, former Raptors head coach

  • Carter doesn’t have a problem with acquiring Rudy Gay, but does think trading away Jose Calderon is a bad idea
  • Carter thinks that Dwayne Casey isn’t watching tapes of other games to recognize the same strategies used against them, also thinks Casey has bad clock management
  • Carter blames the problems the Raptors have at the end of games on Casey

Second segment: Interview with Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated

  • Bob talks to Deitsch about the Super Bowl
  • Bob talks about Super Bowl parties, Deitsch says he doesn’t have time to go to parties because he’s writing
  • Bob complains about how early the Super Bowl coverage starts, Deitsch says the ratings justify starting it that early

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Talk Segment

  • Bob and Shannon talk about the Phoenix situation and Greg Jamison having no money to buy the team
  • Discussion moves to the arena in Markham and if the NHL can charge as much as it wants for a relocation fee to make up for the loss of an expansion fee
  • Bob repeats his story that he’s heard from an NHL source that Bettman’s priorities are to fix Phoenix, put teams in Winnipeg and Quebec City, and a second Toronto team is after all that

Second segment: Interview with Mike Sunnucks, Phoenix Business Journal

  • Shannon asks if a new owner is able to pay the NHL 170 million for the Coyotes, would they be able to get the same deal from Glendale that Jamison did, Sunnucks says that he doesn’t know if the new mayor and council would want to do that
  • Sunnucks doesn’t know how much Jamison actually had, or how close he was to having the 170 million, but the problem is he was trying to get other people to invest the money but wanted to be in control
  • Bob says the profile of the Coyotes must be so high after all of the drama that there will be nobody out there that can be convinced it’d work
  • Bob thinks it won’t be long until Quebec City starts to be mentioned again, Shannon thinks Phoenix won’t move and that they will find somebody who will buy the team

Third segment: Interview with Rob Becker, Sportsnet legal analyst

  • Becker talks about the details of the decision by a judge rejecting the NCAA motion to prevent NCAA players from pursuing a cut of live broadcast revenues
  • Becker explains that the NCAA’s motion was procedural and the judge just said they can’t prevent the players lawsuit on procedural issues, and have to argue their case
  • Becker thinks that the players have a strong case when it comes to t-shirts, jersey and video game sales based on their likenesses but not for TV, Bob disagrees and says that the athletes are the product like actors are the product on a TV show

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Brian Colangelo, Toronto Raptors General Manager

  • Colangelo talks about trading for Rudy Gay, says that Ed Davis played his trade value up during the year
  • Colangelo says that the Raptors ownership group is committed to spending to make the team better
  • Colangelo thinks that taking on the salary of Rudy Gay is worth getting him, and that he doesn’t look at it at a “points per dollar” value
  • Colangelo says that Dwayne Casey was all for the acquisition of Kyle Lowry and on board with the direction Colangelo wanted to take the club
  • Shannon asks about the NBA’s take on the Raptors getting another bad call to end the game, Colangelo says the NBA disagrees that it was a bad call and they said it’s not a foul
  • Bob rants semi-facetiously about the NBA screwing the Raptors and that they’re a bunch of gutless cowards

Second segment: Interview with Don Banks, Sports Illustrated football reporter

  • Don Banks talks about the upcoming Super Bowl and the stories surrounding it
  • Bob remarks about what a good job Ozzie Newsome’s done as general manager of the Ravens and it’s unexpected, Banks agrees
  • Banks predicts the 49ers will win because of Kapernick

Third segment: Interview with Paul Jones, Sportsnet590 The FAN’s Toronto Raptors play-by-play commentator

  • Jones thinks Rudy Gay is an upgrade and the Raptors finally have a player that can make his own shot and break down defenses


I’m always amused when Bob comes up with speculation, or says he heard something from somebody, and then for years later he keeps citing that story as fact even though he’s the only one repeating it.  In this case the “Gary Bettman’s plan is 1. Solve Phoenix 2. Teams in Winnipeg and Quebec City, etc” story is the one he’s repeating as gospel.

I’m impressed Butch Carter was as up front with saying that the Raptors’ struggles were Dwayne Casey’s fault.  He’s also one of the few I’ve heard say that, since most people put the blame on the talent, not the coach.  Bob seemed a bit quiet during that part, probably because he likes Casey as a coach but also tends to be swayed by what Butch says, so he may have been conflicted.

Not too much else for me to say.  The Bryan Colangelo interview was about what you would expect, and I enjoyed Becker and Bob’s back and forth, but I don’t have much comment on it.

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