Prime Time Sports Review for Friday, February 1, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Mike Zeisberger, Toronto Sun

  • Bob and Zeisberger talk about the Super Bowl and the various antics and weird questions that occur during Super Bowl week
  • Brief discussion about the Maple Leafs in between the Super Bowl discussion
  • Bob thinks the 49ers will win, Zeisberger says not to count the Ravens out because they defeated the Broncos and Patriots

Second segment: Interview with Stephen Brunt, Prime Time Sports co-host, Sportsnet columnist

  • Brunt talks about his experiences at Super Bowl week, thinks San Francisco will win

5pm hour – Roundtable Discussion with Bob McCown, Tim Micallef, Elliotte Friedman and Gord Kirke

First segment: Blue Jays spring training

  • Bob talks about spring training starting soon and asks what the expectations for the team is
  • Micallef is annoyed that so many Jays are choosing to play in the World Baseball Classic instead of bonding with the team, Bob says that it’s better than having no players good enough to play for their countries
  • Friedman thinks it’s good that players are playing for their country and that if this was hockey, people would be angry if Canadian players chose to skip playing for their country to bond with their team
  • Friedman says the expectations are to make the playoffs and if they don’t, it will be a disappointment, Bob agrees

Second segment: Discussion about the Raptors trading Jose Calderon and Ed Davis for Rudy Gay

  • Kirke thinks that the Raptors have lost their heart and soul with Jose Calderon
  • Friedman thinks that Rudy Gay has a better chance to justify his salary in Toronto, as the number one option, than he did in Memphis
  • The roundtable speculates about further trades, Micallef suggests getting John Wall from the Wizards

Third segment: Discussion about the Maple Leafs

  • Micallef talks about how well Reimer’s played
  • Friedman thinks that with Reimer and Kadri playing well, you don’t need to make the trade for Luongo
  • Kirke doesn’t think it’s a good idea for the Leafs to get Roberto Luongo because of his contract

6pm hour – Roundtable continues

First segment: Who will win the Super Bowl?

  • Friedman says that if he were playing against San Francisco he would hate Jim Harbaugh more than any player on the team
  • Bob talks about the Super Bowl coverage starting at 7am, and that he starts his parties now at 6pm instead of 3pm because nobody’s interested in the pre-game shows
  • Bob and Friedman believe the 49ers will win, Kirke believes the Ravens will, Micallef would take the points on the Ravens
  • Kirke predicts a Ravens win by 31 to 17

Second segment: Discussion of the situations in Markham and Glendale

  • Bob doesn’t think many people would be interested in owning a team in Markham because they don’t get to control the arena
  • Friedman suggests George Gillett might be interested in owning an NHL team in Markham, Bob doesn’t think he’s interested at the moment
  • Discussion about the Phoenix Coyotes situation and Gary Bettman’s stubborness to keep the team in Glendale

Third segment: Prime Time Bullets

  • First and only bullet is about the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit, Bob asks if anybody can see the NCAA sharing revenue with the players, Kirke thinks it’s worth the risk
  • Everybody on the roundtable thinks the players deserve the money, Kirke wonders if the players can go back on the waivers they signed that give up their rights to their likenesses


All the Super Bowl talk kind of overwhelmed me, and started to sound the same.  Since I listened to he 4pm hour podcast last, I think I tuned out most of Zeisberger and Brunt’s interviews, that’s why the notes are so short for it.

I know a lot of people don’t like Kirke, but I generally do because while he doesn’t have expert knowledge on sports, he isn’t an overbearing presence on the show and knows when to let others talk.  It makes for a lot better listening on roundtables than Shannon or Cox interrupting people and shouting people down.  As a fourth member, I think Kirke does a good job just adding to the ease of listening and helps rather than hinders the flow of conversation.  He also is pretty knowledgeable when people talk about legal issues.

I was amused by Bob’s really really bad timing about bringing up Ernie Witt’s daughter right after Kirke was talking about how much he loved spring training because he gets to stare at the wives of the players.  Everybody was like “what!?” but apparently Bob either wasn’t paying attention to what Kirke was saying, or just went with the topic of “family” to tell his story.  I just found it amusing the whole confusion, and then it was just a story about a baby crying.

I generally found this roundtable enjoyable to listen to because there were no ear-breaking fights, or people interrupting others.  I did find the Phoenix/Markham section difficult to pay attention to just because of how much I’ve heard about both situations recently and my brain was blending it all together.

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