Prime Time Sports Review for Tuesday, February 5, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Jack Morris, new Blue Jays radio colour commentator

  • Morris thinks that the pitchers the Jays got from Florida are the key to the Jays improvements next year, is a bit skeptical of Dickey because without the knuckleball working he has no other tricks
  • Bob says that when Morris signed with the Blue Jays, it allowed Beeston to use his signing to get Dave Winfield to sign with the Blue Jays, Morris says he doesn’t know if that’s really true
  • Morris says that speed is more effective than power for a baseball team because good pitching can handle the long ball but not speed
  • Morris thinks that he changed in personality when he came to Toronto in 1992 and changed the way he dealt with the press

Second segment: Interview with Butch Carter, former Raptors head coach

  • Bob asks Carter what the first priority the Raptors should have in terms of positions to fill, Carter says his first priority would be to keep Terrance Ross engaged because of Gay and Derozan both in front of him
  • Carter thinks that Bargnani will be angry when he comes back and plays well

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about the possibility of building casinos in Toronto
  • Both are against this, Brunt thinks that it means the government will have a vested interest in encouraging gambling to generate money, Bob thinks it’ll encourage gamblers to gamble more and the temptation will lead to people bankrupting themselves

Second segment: Interview with Nick Kypreos, Sportsnet hockey analyst

  • Kypreos talks about mediating a fight on Hockey Central at Noon between Darren Millard and Doug MacLean
  • Discussion about Don Fehr being brought in by NBAPA to clean up their association
  • Brunt and Kypreos talks about the dead crowds at the ACC

Third segment: Interview with TNT Maddox and Handles Franklin, Harlem Globetrotters players

  • Brunt asks Maddox how she found her way to the Globetrotters, Maddox says she was called up and asked if she wanted to audition
  • Maddox says that they tested her on her core basketball skills and taught her the tricks later
  • Franklin talks about how he discovered basketball through the Globetrotters

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Milos Raonic, Canadian tennis player

  • Raonic talks about how it feels to beat Spain at the Davis Cup
  • Bob asks if Raonic agrees with his coach that what he needs to improve is his own self confidence, Raonic says it’s true and as he advances in the rankings he gains more confidence in his abilities
  • Bob asks if Raonic likes the current format of the Davis Cup, Raonic thinks that it should be held every 4 years in a host country and have it be a country’s best player against the other country’s best player, and then #2 plays #2, then a doubles, and that’s it, best 2 of 3

Second segment: Interview with Declan Hill, investigative journalist, author of The Fix

  • Hill gives credit to Bob and Brunt as one of “the few journalists” who believed him back when he first published his book on match fixing in soccer
  • Bob asks what finally got soccer officials to do something about match fixing, Hill says that his book started their awareness and that one of the officials’ daughters getting threatened by mobsters with kidnapping, rape and murder motivated them
  • Hill says that these mobsters come out of China and are the same guys that he talked about meeting in his book
  • Bob asks how the Russian mob is connected to this, Hill says he doesn’t know and the Russians scare him, says that in doing research for his second book people were okay with talking about the Asian mob but that if they talked about the Russians, their families would be murdered
  • Hill talks about FIFA and Interpol creating an anti-match-fixing centre, points out that Interpol won’t even go after the mobsters they know are match fixing, Bob thinks this shows how FIFA doesn’t care about making things better
  • Hill says that Europol are extremely upset at Interpol and FIFA for not going after the match-fixers outside Europe
  • Hill says that the one country that hasn’t looked into match-fixing is Canada
  • Hill finishes off by thanking Bob and Brunt for his support through the years

Third segment: Live broadcast of the Blue Jays season ticket-holders meeting

  • Sportsnet Blue Jays play-by-play commentator Buck Martinez asks questions of Jays GM Alex Anthopolous, President Paul Beeston and Manager John Gibbons


This was a pretty interesting show, hence all of my notes about it.  I didn’t expect an interview with Raonic to be that interesting since previously he never had anything to say, but he had a lot to say this time.  I especially found it interesting that not only did he not like the Davis Cup format, but he had an idea that he’s clearly been thinking a lot about to share. 🙂  Also, Bob clearly did prep for this interview since he brought up what Raonic’s coach said about him and I thought it was interesting that Raonic agreed with that assessment.  Raonic also talked about how he thought he matched up with the “big four” and what their strengths were and why he matches up badly with them or matches up better.  Usually I don’t hear stuff like this in an athlete interview, and I found it a really good listen.

The Hill interview was extremely in-depth with a lot of information.  Bob proves that while he does good “101” interviews without reading the book, when he has read the book, he does even better interviews with the subject.  And he was really engaged with this one.  Brunt barely talked and it was Bob and Hill for almost all of it.  It was a really informative and sometimes frightening interview.

I also really liked the interview with the Harlem Globetrotters players.  Even though it was short they were interesting people and I liked hearing how they got involved with the ‘trotters.

I thought Bob and Brunt’s opening segment was really entertaining because they’re both clearly passionate about the subject of gambling in Toronto and thought they had good points.

Bob and Jack Morris had a lot of chemistry, and Morris had a lot to say.  Bob clearly likes him and I think the comfort level made the interview more interesting to listen to.  I found it interesting that Morris said he consciously changed the way he dealt with the media when he came to Toronto.

All in all this was one of the more interesting Prime Time Sports I’ve heard in a while. 🙂

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