Prime Time Sports Review for Wednesday, February 13, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Doug Smith, Toronto Star basketball reporter

  • Bob talks about how ridiculous it is that Hedo Turkoglu was caught for PEDs when he’s such a bad player
  • Bob likes how good Rudy Gay has played and what a great player he is in the clutch
  • Bob rips Bargnani’s play and defense, says he forgot how bad he was

Second segment: Interview with Rob Becker, Sportsnet legal analyst

  • Becker talks about Dish Network’s lawsuit against ESPN, Becker thinks they have a case for some of their complaints, but not others
  • Bob asks Becker about the lawsuit by SCA against Lance Armstrong
  • Becker says even though the SCA had settled the original suit from Armstrong, because Armstrong lied under oath about taking PEDs, the facts have changed and they might have a case
  • Bob thinks that as long as the company benefited from their association with Armstrong, they shouldn’t be allowed to get any money, Becker says this is different because it’s bonus money specifically hinging on Armstrong winning the 2004 Tour De France
  • Bob says that it doesn’t matter since Armstrong still won, as far as everybody else knew at the time

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about Skyfall, Bob’s fear of flying, and being at spring training next week

Second segment: Interview with Elliotte Friedman, CBC hockey analyst

  • Friedman talks about Scout Howson being fired as GM of the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Friedman talks about Jarmo Kekalainen being named the new GM, says that some people think he’s arrogant
  • Bob asks if hiring a Finn to be GM will be a problem in Columbus, Friedman says it won’t and that the fans trust John Davidson to pick the right person
  • Friedman talks about the NHL going to Sochi and the resistance of some of the owners to it
  • Friedman says that the owners want to be guaranteed tickets to the games, Bob and Brunt don’t think this is an issue, Friedman insists it is
  • Friedman thinks the owners want to go to Sochi because it’s good for the game, Bob thinks that the Olympics have no benefit for the NHL

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt continue to talk about the NHL going or not going to the Sochi Winter Olympics

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Jon Paul Morosi, FOX Sports baseball reporter

  • Before the interview, Bob talks about how the NHL should hold the World Cup of hockey opposite the Olympics and get millions of viewers away from the Olympics
  • Morosi talks about how Stephen Strasberg looks in spring training
  • Bob, Brunt and Morosi talk about John Gibbons and what a down-to-Earth type of guy he is in comparison to John Farrell who Morosi describes as seeming like a senator
  • Morosi thinks Colby Rasmus may relate better to John Gibbons
  • Morosi thinks Jose Bautista is incredibly important to the team and for keeping the clubhouse in line

Second segment: Interview with John Davidson, Columbus Blue Jackets owner

  • Davidson talks about replacing Scott Howson as General Manager of the team
  • Davidson talks about hiring Jarmo Kekalainen as the replacement GM, doesn’t think him being European is a problem and points out he’s spent a lot of time in North America
  • Bob asks Davidson about the NHL letting players go to the Olympics, Davidson says that they want players to be at the Olympics but the owners need for it to be worth their while to shut down the league for a couple of weeks
  • Davidson says that the owners want tickets to the hockey games at the Olympics

Third segment: Interview with R.A. Dickey, Blue Jays pitcher

  • Dickey talks about the Jays going into spring training
  • Bob asks Dickey if there’s a danger that the team could get overconfident going into the season, Dickey says it’s always a danger


Whenever Doug Smith is on, it seems like it’s just Bob doing all the talking/ranting, and Smith generally letting him go.

I think Bob and Brunt did a pretty good job with Davidson and Friedman in terms of talking about the Blue Jackets GM situation and how people see it, the feeling in Columbus about it, etc.   I also liked the Bob and Friedman argument because they really were passionate about it, and I think Friedman did a good job holding his ground.

I enjoyed the Becker segment, and I think he did a pretty good job explaining the two legal situations Bob asked him about, and made the positions easy to understand.

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