TSN Drive Review for Monday 18 February 2013

TSN DRIVE with Dave Naylor – Monday, 18 February 2013

by Alex
First Hour: Co-Hosts Bruce Arthur and Steve Simmons

Segment 1 – Show introduction

* The 6-7 hour of the show will be on TSN2
* Tease of Dave Nonis at 5:30
* Bruce went to see Andrew Wiggins in Hamilton Sunday
* Bruce says you can see Wiggins has “it”
* Bruce says he was markedly better than Hamilton high schoolers against whom he was playing
* Steve talks about recent blue chip Canadian college basketball players
* Steve wonders if he will “adopted” by Canadians like Gretzky and Nash
* Bruce says Wiggins will go to Florida State or Kentucky or UNC or Kansas next year
* Steve says he began hearing about Wiggins 4 years ago
* Wiggins comes from athletic pedigree (NBA player father, Olympic track star mother)
* Comparing Wiggins to Steve Nash’s early career
* Steve compares Wiggins to Colin Kaepernick
* Steve talks about potential for Canadian Olympic teams after Brazil
* Comparison of participation of basketball and hockey players internationally

Segment 2 – Leafs/Senators from Saturday

* Honoring 1963 Leafs
* Comparing Leafs’ ceremonies to Canadiens’ ceremonies
* Steve says there are only so many Leafs teams to honor, same with 1992/3 Blue Jays
* Steve says he’s the oldest guy of the room and he doesn’t remember the 1963 Leafs
* Talk of how Toronto is only historically major team with no great history winning
* BRuce compares Leafs to Cubs and Cubs fans
* Steve talks about Dave Keon being at the Leafs game
* Talk of current Leafs and potential Luongo deal and is it still alive
* Bruce says Vancouver shouldn’t move Luongo until the off-season

Segment 3 – NBA All-Star Weekend

* Terrence Ross winning Slam Dunk contest
* Bringing the ASG to Toronto
* Bruce talks about being an All-Star Dunk Contest historian
* Discussion of Jerry Buss and his legacy as Lakers’ owner
* Dave asks if there is a Jerry Buss in modern sports ownership
* Dave talks about how rare it is now for an owner to be beloved

Segment 4 – Blue Jays’ Spring Training

* Discussion of sky high expectations
* Bruce says no returning Jays player has played in a game that mattered
* Steve talks about Toronto being world series favorites by odds makers
* Steve says everyone in 1-9 line-up has some question marks to them
* Dave talks about “ifs” surrounding Melkey Cabera
* steve talks about stats put up by PED users returning from suspensions

Thoughts: Good solid first hour. Naylor seemed more to play traffic cop with Arthur and
Simmons in the studio. The bumper music is already much better than what they played on
the old show. Even on TSN, still hearing that stupid Toronto “nearson” commercial.

Hour Two – Co-Host: Bruce Arthur

Segment 1 – Bob McKenzie

* Discussion about NHL players in Sochi Olympics
* Bob mentions role of NHL/NBC relationship in Olympic decision
* Dave mentions how IOC doesn’t want set precedent with NHL for other sports
* Realignment talk and how secretive the NHL/PA are being about it
* Matt Cooke / Eugene Melnyk talk
* Ryan Miller blow-up
* Discussion about “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” about outspoken athletes

Segment 2 – Raptors

* Slam Dunk wins vs playoff wins
* Bruce says Vince Carter’s Slam Dunk win is high water mark of Raptors franchise
* Discussion of NBA Trade Deadline
* Bruce thinks Bargnani won’t be traded
* Discussion of various trade rumors
* Dave thinks “addition by Subtraction” has been in effect with Bargnani
* Future of Colangelo as GM

Segment 3 – Dave Nonis, Maple Leafs GM

* Discussion of Leafs’ first 15 games
* Dave is more optimistic about start than Bruce
* Nonis is happy with 9-6 start to season
* Nonis says they need to see progress from young players and old players
* Bruce asks about small sample size this season to evaluate players
* Nonis says coaching staff has to have smaller leash
* Nonis says Leafs will make deal if opportunity presents itself
* Nonis says Leafs are still looking for veteran goaltender
* Dave asks about Leafs’ new goalie coach
* Nonis says whole coaching staff should be credited
* Nonis talking about importance of Marlies
* Bruce asks if Toronto teams can have a slow rebuild
* Nonis says ownership wants team built “the right way” not quick rebuild
* Nonis talks about improvement of Kadri
* Bruce asks about choosing between young players and veteran players
* Nonis says long-term development is more important than just a 1 year playoff appearance

Segment 4 – “Nailed or Failed”

(coming soon)

Hour Three – Co-Host: Bruce Arthur

Segment 1 – Buster Olney

* Buster discusses the Yankees
* Bruce asks about Buster’s column on Melkey Cabrera
* Buster discusses how players deal with PED admissions and aftermath
* Buster mentions how a veteran player was disgusted with Cabrera’s ASG appearance
* Buster talks about how mediocre Melkey was before PED use
* Bruce asks what Buster sees with the Blue Jays
* Buster is going to pick the Jays to win the division, but any team in East can finish 1-5
* Dave asks about a 2013 pitch count for Stephen Strasburg
* Buster says Nats GM said no pitch limit on him this year
* Buster thinks Nats are deepest team in baseball
* Bruce asks if he really thinks Boston could win the division
* Buster says the team can’t be as miserable as Boston was last year
* Buster says Sox are “Camp Kumbaya” in spring training so far

Segment 2 – Darren Drager

* Dreger is surprised how good Leafs have been so far this season
* Dreger says many power teams in the East have underperformed so far
* Discussion of potential Leafs trade talk
* Dreger has been surprised by Carlyle’s relationship with young players

Segment 3 – Sonny Vaccaro, former Nike executive

* Discussion about young Michael Jordan
* Sonny didn’t meet Jordan until 1984, since UNC was not a Nike school then
* Bruce asks if SOnny had that same special feeling with another player
* Sonny says Kobe and Lebron but Jordan was an endorsement pioneer
* Sonny says Jordan was first athlete to be bigger than sports
* Dave talks about Jordan and the shaved head phenomenon
* Dave asks about NCAA restrictions
* Sonny says NCAA is reprehensible and talks about Ed O’Bannon lawsuit
* Bruce asks what happens if NCAA loses lawsuit
* Sonny asks why the NCAA president gets $2 million a year

Segment 4 – Show wrap up

* Leftover discussion about NCAA hypocrisy (Ohio State, Penn State)
* Danica Patrick wins Daytona 500 pole
* Bruce discusses Patrick’s image and Go Daddy commercials
* Dave hits the wayback machine to bring up Manon Rheaume
* Talk about Oscar Pistorius and developments in the case
* Discussion of Jordan’s image vs Jordan in real life

Notes: Good first show. No yelling, No screaming, No Schtick, No catchphrases. I guess the next question is how Naylor does without Arthur as co-host and the person who seemed to do a lot of the heavy lifting today. Only a few verbal fumbles, probably due to nerves.  Plans are to do show reviews the rest of the week.

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