TSN Drive Review – Monday, 25 February 2013

TSN Drive Review – Monday, 25 February 2013

by Alex

Hour 1 – Co-Hosts: Bruce Arthur and Steve Buffrey

Segment 1 – Russell Martin

Martin out of World Baseball Classic since he can’t play SS

WBC vs playing in Olympics

Bruce talks about covering 2006 WBC

Logistical problems of WBC

Nash as Canada basketball GM

Segment 2 – Andrea Bargnani

Oscar talk

Bargnani talk

Segment 3 – Ottawa vs Maple Leafs

warring  between Leafs and Sens fans

Leafs fans on road vs at home

Segment 4 – Nailed it or Failed it

Alex Smith

NHL Coaches Challenge

NASCAR censoring wreck video

Notes: i am not familiar with Buffrey, but boy, he sounds like Charley Pierce.

Hour 2 – Co-host – Bruce Arthur

Segment 1 – Bob McKenzie

Coaches Challenge idea gaining momentum
Realignment talk
Malkin Concussion update

Segment 2 – Manti Te’o discussion

Manti Te’o at the combine
Athletes using PR firms
Future involving treatment of gay athletes

Segment 3 – Herm Edwards

Tom Brady contract extension
Joe Flacco new contract
Manti Te’o combine workout
Do coaches worry about players with pot history?

Segment 4 – Scott MacArthur

John Farrell returns to Dunedin
RA Dickey’s first start in spring training
National media flocking to jays camp
High expectations all around

Notes: solid hour, only 2 hours tonight. may help Naylor in the future, as no throwaway segments with short shoes.

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