A Huge TSM Thanks- WOW


It’s hard for me to believe sometimes what this website has become. When I started it years back, I did so purely as a means to vent frustration. Then, me and LT would troll message boards to try to drum up an audience my commenting on stories and posts until we got booted. I then realized that it didn’t matter damnit. I was just going to write.

The site evolved as more and more writers came, again with me seeking them out, asking for help as a hobby and passion was becoming too much to handle given the growing appetite. Writers came, and writers went. The site continued to grow.

Then one day, randomly a big name MSMer emailed me, complementing the site and offering to help with whatever they could. A new chapter was born. I had a new purpose. It was like, by the way that a few of the MSMers in the MSM staffroom had this discussion and soon they were all reaching out to me, all being those few.

Shut up and keep writing.

That was the take away.

You, the audience became a pretty demanding bunch over the years too. Stupid posts, dumb posts, lame polls, but the common theme I hear the most, “why don’t you write more” or “why didn’t you write yesterday”.

It takes a village.

I can’t possible listen, read or watch everything to comment on. It’s just not possible.

Magically though, folks came out of the woods and offered to help out.

It seems that we have turned yet another chapter.

I was away last week and while I trust these new writers completely, I kind of expected to find a ton of complaints that things got stale.

Wow, was I surprised.

Alex, Rob G, Markcoale and Ami Angelwings have totally carried the torch.

There is more than just my voice, and the pressure isn’t entirely mine to keep content new and fresh on the site.

I can’t thank each of the writers enough and of course to you, those who keep coming back, reading, posting and emailing.


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