Toronto Sports Media Sports Radio Lineups

by Rob G

Here’s your drive home lineups

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN from 4-7pm, Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. John Shannon co-hosts from 5pm:

400 – Stephen Brunt, Sportsnet
420 – Dave Perkins, Toronto Star
440 – Open segment with McCown
500 – Open segment with McCown & Shannon
520 – Buddy Nix, Buffalo Bills GM
540 – Alan Ashby, Houston Astros TV analyst
600 – Glenn Healy, HNIC
620 – Greg Hamilton, Director of National Teams, Baseball Canada
640 – AJ Hinchcliffe, Indy Car driver

On TSN Radio 1050 from 4-7pm, TSN Drive with Dave Naylor. co-hosts:


On TSN (5pm) & TSN2 (6:30pm), Off the Record with guest host Cabral Richards:

Jack Nicklaus, Golf Legend
Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks Captain
Gary Payton, NBA Legend

Today on Sportsline:

Has the rivalry between the Maple Leafs and Canadiens been restored and do Randy Carlyle teams need to ‘drop the gloves’ to win? Is quarterback Alex Smith the key to turning around the Kansas City Chiefs? Are Lebron James & Dwayne Wade currently the most dynamic duo in sports? Join Bubbs & Hebsy today at 5 on CHCH.

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February 27, 2013 5:51 pm

if Naylor’s show nothing but an extended pre-game show for leafs/habs tonight, don’t expect a recap.

Nan Young Lee
Nan Young Lee
February 27, 2013 6:16 pm

Jack Nicklaus interviewed by Cabby? Must see tv (or train wreck).

I see Bob Mckenzie continuing to break more hockey news that anybody else. Perhaps TSN and Sportsnet should produce a festschrift for him. Certainly Kypreos, Cox et al. use him as an unacknowledged primary source.
Why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame yet? Maybe the Order of Canada too. He’s more deserving than Pamela Wallin.

February 27, 2013 7:06 pm

Dear Bob

Would you ask Peyton Manning what it’s like to play in the CFL? No. Would you ask Phil Kessel what it’s like to play in the KHL? No. Then don’t ask James Hinchcliffe what it’s like to drive in Nascar. Do a little show prep. or retire.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
February 27, 2013 7:45 pm

Will definitely be looking for the PTS podcast to hear Ashby’s (first?) interview since leaving for Houston. Good get.

Will definitely not be looking for the PTS interview of Buffalo Bill GM Buddy Nix. Why a Toronto show would devote a segment to the Bills IN MARCH when there is a station down the dial that talks Bills 12 hours a day is beyond me.

Most interesting interview I’ve heard this week: PTS had Greg Johnson (sp?) on to talk about a Boston Globe report about the high number of sports charities that pocket huge amounts of the money they take in. Very intelligent guest.

February 27, 2013 7:55 pm

I’d agree the interview with the charities guy was interesting.

Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
February 27, 2013 11:01 pm

I also found the Greg Johnson interview on athletes charities interesting, and Bob went out of his way to again say how his involvement with Pinball Clemens on his charity was an easy decision to make when 100% of it goes directly to the charity.

Damien Cox spoke about Milos Raonic’s charity he just created, but there was no follow-up. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have Milos himself on again but this time to talk about how his charity work is done. Knowing Milos and his family personally, I have no reservations whatsoever that it is on the up and up. It just bothers me that his name was mentioned by Cox in passing, but nothing more when the subject matter was athletes who abuse the charities for their own purposes.

Ami Angelwings
February 28, 2013 12:45 am

I liked the charity interview too. I wish they had given that a longer segment, it was really interesting.

Today, I thought Brunt was really patient with Bob about the whole interviewing athletes who are jerks thing, because it sounded like he was offended, but was doing the usual thing he does which is nudge Bob off the topic and explain to him nicely why he’s wrong. Given that Bob’s never had to rely on being a beat guy as a job, it’s pretty easy for him to claim that he would never stand to be in a scrum to interview a jerk athlete. It’s easy for him to say that, since that’s not his job & he doesn’t need it to put food on the table.

February 28, 2013 10:26 am

I had the opposite reaction to the James Hinchcliffe PTS interview. IndyCar racing rarely, if ever, gets mentioned on PTS except maybe in July to point out how the Toronto race is not as big of an event as it was in the 80s and 90s. Presumably it was pushed on PTS by Sportsnet because of them taking over the IndyCar TV rights in Canada from TSN. McCown — or at least his producer — had obviously done some research and, I thought, asked reasonably good questions for a guy I assume doesn’t pay attention to motorsports. Did you know how many off-season test days they get, or that Hinchcliffe’s engineer last year had left and been replaced by the one he had at Newman-Haas in is rookie year? McCown only mentioned the Daytona 500 and asked Hinchcliffe if he had watched it during the last minute or so of the interview after he seemed to have exhausted his list of questions. And the pole sitting car had the same sponsor as Hinchcliffe and was being driven by a former IndyCar driver, so Hinchcliffe had at least some interest. Other than maybe asking what he thought of the new two-race arrangement for Toronto and some other weekends this year, I don’t know if there was much else for them to talk about when it’s been several months since his last race.

February 28, 2013 10:32 am

Great post, Andrew.

Bob just doesn’t give a crap anymore. He’s set for life financially (as are his ex-wives) and knows there is no completion on the dial (never was and likely never will be). The best thing we as listeners can do is go to another station – or just listen to tunes elsewhere.

How was my post, Mike (in boston)?

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