Where’s The Beef?


It’s like the dog days of summer in the middle of winter.

“Why are you covering so much radio and nothing in print?” asked an emailer the other day.



It’s seems to me that many a scribe have taken some time off. Or so it appears.

The question I have is why.

I mean, the Leafs are back. The Raptors are improved from the wicked start they had, the Blue Jays are in Dunedin for what seems like an eternity of a spring training. There should be lots to talk about right?


Negativity sells in this town and right now there’s just not a whole lot to rip any folks about.

Neither of the teams currently playing are tearing it up. Neither is drowning at the bottom either. That appears to be a problem.

Teams aren’t good enough to “cheer” or bad enough to play chicken little.

Which lands us squarely in the land of vanilla journalism.

Hard to get excited about that isn’t it?

Things were so much easier when the teams truly sucked.


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