Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, March 4, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro, hosts of Tim and Sid, Sportsnet590 The FAN

  • Bob, Tim and Sid talk about Bob’s old morning show, discuss previous and current Saturday Night Live regulars
  • Bob says that his makeout song was Ravel’s Bolero

Second segment: Interview with Arash Madani, Sportsnet reporter

  • Bob and Madani talk about the Jays going to the World Baseball Classic, discuss the problems with the WBC
  • Madani reports on what’s been going on at Jays’ spring training

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt discuss the bad ratings for the Toronto Raptors
  • Bob wonders what’s going to happen in April to the Raptors and Toronto FC if the Leafs are in the playoff hunt and the Jays’ season kicks off, suspects they will get buried

Second segment: Interview with Jim Hughson, CBC hockey play-by-play commentator

  • Bob and Hughson discuss the beginnings of CBC broadcasting hockey on TV and the impact Foster Hewitt had on hockey broadcasting
  • Hughson talks about recording all the voice clips for the EA Sports NHL video games

Third segment: Interview with Ken Rosenthal, FOX Sports baseball writer

  • Rosenthal talks about the World Baseball Classic and the problems with when they hold it
  • Rosenthal doesn’t agree with Bob that they should hold it in November after the end of the MLB season
  • Brunt asks Rosenthal about the Texas Rangers apparently trying to remove Nolan Ryan from ownership, Rosenthal says it seems like a weird thing to try to do if it’s true
  • Bob asks if Ryan would be interested in being part of the Houston Astros organization, Rosenthal says he can’t see it being a good match

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bob Ryan, The Boston Globe

  • Ryan gives his opinion on the World Baseball Classic, says that Americans generally don’t care about world championships
  • Ryan talks about the Bruins/Canadiens rivalry, isn’t sure if there’s one incident that began it, historically
  • Ryan discusses Tom Brady taking less money in his last contract, likes that Brady doesn’t want to talk about his salary and thinks that players are being paid too much in general, Brunt points out that Brady has a guaranteed contract unlike others
  • Ryan talks about Joe Flacco’s big contract
  • Ryan talks about Gonzaga being ranked #1 in US college basketball, thinks it’s a great story

Second segment: Interview with Bob Nicholson, President of Hockey Canada

  • Nicholson talks about the possibility of the NHL going to Sochi
  • Brunt brings up NHL owners wanting free tickets, Nicholson thinks they deserve it since they are providing the majority of the product

Third segment: Interview with Katie Hnida, former Division I college football player

  • Hnida comments on Laura Silberman attempting and failing 2 kicks at theJets combine, says that her form seemed weird
  • Brunt asks if this will set back the cause of women trying to play football, Hnida says she hopes not, points out that she and other women have played football with men and kicked successfully
  • Hnida talks about women in the game, and women’s football leagues and that there’s a lot of women playing football competitively


I wish that one woman flubbing kicking a football didn’t mean people started to wonder how this reflects on all women, or if it sets women football players back, but given that those things have come up around the Silberman failed kicks, I thought Hnida did a really good job talking about that in her interview.  She also gave a pretty good run down on what’s going on around women and competitive football, and I enjoyed that. 🙂  I thought Bob was really good about this topic.  He mentioned it several times in all 3 hours, but he didn’t make any jokes about it, or suggest that women couldn’t play football.  He treated it like it was just one woman screwing up (and possibly putting everybody on.)

There was a LOT of talk about the World Baseball Classic today, and specifically about how and why it doesn’t work.  Madani, Rosenthal and Ryan all had something to say about it, and it was a little repetitive, especially with Bob (McCown) repeating the same opinion each time.

I thought the Hughson interview was really interesting, because I wasn’t around for Foster Hewitt and I enjoyed hearing about the history of hockey broadcasting in Canada.  I also thought Hughson talking about recording his voice for the NHL series of games to be really neat too because I grew up on those games. Playing those games was actually the first time I had heard Hughson because Bob Cole and Harry Neale were still the CBC Leaf voices, and when I finally heard him on a CBC game, I was like, “hey I know that guy!”  I always thought it must suck to have to record so much dialogue to be pieced together for all sorts of in-game situations, and especially to record you saying every single players’ name in all sorts of leagues, and he made it sound about as tedious as I thought it was.

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