Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, March 11, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt and Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment with Stephen Brunt

  • Cox has not arrived yet, so Bob and Brunt discuss Brunt’s thoughts on the Jays this year
  • Brunt talks about the problems he’s heard and seen about Farrell as a manager, that he left Escobar to hang out to dry, that he may already have had one foot out the door
  • Brunt and Bob discuss Brett Lawrie and trying to rein in his enthusiasm and recklessness, Bob wonders if Lawrie is teachable or if it’s just his nature that you can’t change

Second segment: Talk segment

  • Cox arrives, general talk about spring training and minor league ballparks
  • Bob shares his stories of being the PA guy for the Blue Jays

Third segment: Talk segment

  • A short discussion about the feeling around the Jays in Spring Training, Brunt says that there are less questions about who is playing which position than before

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt and Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Tom Maloney, Globe and Mail

  • Discussion about the Blue Jays and how the younger pitchers may feel about the Jays having brought in 3 veteran pitchers ahead of them, Brunt points out that they’ve also traded away a lot of pitching talent and Johnson may leave next year
  • Bob wonders whether Gose is seen as Rasmus’ replacement or will be brought up as a 4th outfielder, Brunt says he won’t be a 4th outfielder and will be up if/when they trade Rasmus

Second segment: Interview with Dirk Hayhurst, Sportsnet590 baseball analyst

  • Bob asks what Hayhurst is looking for in spring training, Hayhurst says he wants to see bonding, and people sharing information that they used to use against each other
  • Hayhurst talks about Ricky Romero’s struggles vs. J.A. Happ’s determination to be a starter, and how fans are rooting for Happ
  • Hayhurst talks about team chemistry and how there are many leaders on this team, and how it will take some of the pressure off of Bautista and he doesn’t have to be a parent to everybody
  • Hayhurst talks about Anthony Gose and that he may replace Colby Rasmus

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob, Cox and Brunt discuss the World Baseball Classic, Canada’s performance, and Bob again talks about wanting to move the tournament to another date

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Arash Madani, Sportsnet and Mike Rutsey, Toronto Sun

  • Madani and Rutsey talk about Alex Anthopolous’ statement that the Jays will “absolutely not” consider sending Ricky Romero to AAA, thinks that this could be because Romero has a fragile mentality and they don’t want to hurt his confidence
  • Bob asks who is playing 2nd, Madani and Rutsey agree that it will be Izturis because Bonifacio can’t make the throws, and that Bonifacio’s best position is centerfield
  • Rutsey says that the Jays could be the best team in the AL East, or all the questions could be real concerns and it doesn’t work out

Second segment: Interview with Tim Raines, Jays minor league baserunning coach

  • Raines talks about what he tries to teach the kids he instructs, what to look for
  • Brunt asks if there’s anybody Raines learned from, he said he had a coach which helped him a lot
  • Raines talks about how Joe Morgan inspired him to play baseball rather than football because Morgan was about the same size as Raines
  • Bob asks Raines why he thinks less African-Americans playing baseball now than in the past, Raines says that college coaches don’t want their players to play multiple sports anymore, and that kids see how they can make a lot of money quickly in football or basketball
  • Raines briefly discusses some of the Jays prospects he’s seen and worked with

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Damien Cox returns, mocks Bob and Brunt for talking about the clouds coming in and rain on the way
  • Bob tells the National Sports Radio story again, where the hosts were told that they were broadcasting to nowhere
  • Cox talks about the Jays that are recovering from Tommy John surgery
  • Brunt thinks the player he wants to watch is Jose Reyes if he can stay healthy, Bob says it’s Josh Johnson, Cox says it’s R.A. Dickey


That was a lot of baseball.  Since they’re in Dunedin, that’s to be expected, but like I was saying in a previous review, I’m concerned this will be how it is for the next 2 weeks, and that could get really tedious.  Bob said that after today, it’ll be the regular show with Jays sprinkled in, so hopefully it won’t be as baseball dense as it was today.  His list of future guests was extremely Jays heavy though (I think only Butch Carter and one other guests weren’t Jays/baseball guests.)  If the next 2 weeks are extremely Jays heavy, I’d be curious to see what the ratings for the 4pm-7pm drive would be vs. TSN Radio, and what the demand for Jays talk in Toronto is.

As long as you wanted to hear nothing but discussion about the Jays, I think this was pretty good show.  There was a lot of discussion about different issues on the team, even though certain topics were repeated a lot (mostly about Romero).  Hayhurst talked about Romero mostly from a team chemistry perspective, while Madani and Rutsey talked about how the Jays were handling him and his personality.  I thought the Raines interview was quite good, and I found it interesting.  Bob got to talk about one of his hobby horses during it (African-Americans not playing baseball.)

Given that we had some baseball reporters on today that are usually not on Prime Time Sports, like Tom Maloney and Mike Rutsey, I wish Bob would have re-introduced them occasionally during the segment.  I missed Bob explaining who they were, and was confused who “Tom” and “Mike” were during their interviews, especially since I didn’t recognize their voices.

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Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
March 12, 2013 9:47 am

My comments on my favourite ballplayer growing up, and one whom I modelled my own recreational game play after. Raines rightfully should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer, and his time will hopefully come before the Veteran Committee reviews it.

Raines point about not thinking, playing relaxed, look for pitcher tip-off keys, and not anticipate what will happen, is a trademark of how he played the game so well.

Raines says that the Jays have more speed and guys that have done it before, and the experienced players will help to rein in the younger guys who play too recklessly. Not sure if Lawrie specifically was being referred to from Brunt’s question or not.

Raines made an excellent point how he always did his best to draw the pitchers best throw to first if he never saw them before, and especially if he was a lefty, as you see less of them, and it is more important to guage them than a righty.

Raines talks about Steve Boros, a coach who worked closely with Raines and helped him on his first step, picking up stuff from the pitchers, and Rodney Scott, a great instinctive basestealer, helped Raines too, as they both watched pitchers and game situations together from the bench. Rodney Scott, by the way, was one of the highest IQ players that ever played this game. He was around a 220 hitter, I’m not kidding, but through his amazing defence and ability to work walks and contribute to the team in a variety of ways, managed to start way longer than you would expect. Scott, whose nickname was “Cool Breeze”, was similar to Raines in how they upset pitchers and infielders once he got on base. He would pull off double steals, take an extra base when you never even saw it, and just was two or three steps of everyone else on the field.

Raines also made the point from Bob’s question how African American players get paid quicker from football/basketball versus baseball and that is also a factor in addition to what Ami said.

Raines spoke about the Minor League prospects he is helping, and since I don’t follow them, won’t regurgitate them, but will add that Raines just arrived, and it is too early for him to go into detail on them, but did throw about three names out and his thoughts on them. What was interesting though was how even with the Jays giving up lots of prospects in the Florida deal, he still feels they have lots of great talent in the system for him to work with.

It was a thrill for me to hear Raines on the podcast now, and I tried to not duplicate what Ami wrote. I was especially proud to say Bob say to Raines as he left “Future HOF’er:, and I wrote Brunt years ago about whether he will be voting for Raines in the HOF, and Brunt wrote back to me that he did every year, but he no longer votes, due to how he feels about the PED era.

If you go to you will see just how great Raines was, and how ridiculous it is that Tony Gwynn got in on a landslide on the first ballot, while Raines has more total bases in his career if you combine walks and hits than Gwynn. Not to mention how unfairly Raines has been treated by media who never saw him play, and just because he was the second best lead-off hitter in his time behind the greatest one (Henderson) ever, that he is unworthy. His use of cocaine, which lots of other ballplayers did, and are in the HOF, like Molitor for example, shows just how idiotic the voting situation is. Raines cleaned up his addiction with the help of Dawson as his mentor and also the Expos sending him to a drug rehab clinic in California once they found out.

The Jays will benefit tremendously by having Raines helping their prospects out, and I do hope that he will eventually be a caoch on the Major League team, as there is no reason why Raines can’t contribute immensely to current and veteran ballplayers as well. I hope that this will happen soon.

March 12, 2013 10:21 am

Well, Raptor’s Devotee is one guy who was fine with nothing but baseball, though you wouldn’t know it by his name.

Another Steve
Another Steve
March 12, 2013 11:48 am

Unfortunately it has become impossible speak about who belongs in the baseball Hall of Fame anymore, since the best hitter and pitcher of the past 40 -50 years have been excluded.

I used to love discussions about the Baseball Hall of Fame, but the unspoken morality clause now makes that kind of talk seem rather pointless.

March 12, 2013 5:48 pm

“Unfortunately it has become impossible speak about who belongs in the baseball Hall of Fame anymore, since the best hitter and pitcher of the past 40 -50 years have been excluded.”

But greg Maddux isnt eligible until next year.

March 12, 2013 5:55 pm

Wasn’t that long ago that it was like pulling teeth to get some Jays talk on the radio.

So, it may end up being a bit of overkill, but I’ll enjoy it.

Still curious if TSNR counters The Fan with better baseball programming this summer, or if they keep pushing the Argos.


[…] His use of cocaine, which lots of other ballplayers did, and are in the HOF, like Molitor for example, shows just how idiotic the voting situation is. Raines cleaned up his addiction with the help of Dawson as his mentor and also the Expos sending him … Read more on Toronto Sports Media […]

Blue Jays Devotee
Blue Jays Devotee
March 14, 2013 12:14 am

Thansk Derrick, and btw, I retired Raptors Devotee until further notice and am now Blue Jays Devotee.

Ami Angelwings
March 14, 2013 2:26 am

I like that you switch forms. 😀 Like how Ironman has different kinds of armor for different situations.

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