Seen & Heard – Wednesday, March 13, 2013

by Rob G.

On Prime Time Sports in the 4pm block today, Bob McCown was taking calls while broadcasting from Blue Jays spring training in Dunedin, Florida. One particular caller caught my ear, and in case you didn’t hear it, I thought I’d share the call, my thoughts on it, and a question for you.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast if you want the details, but the caller was calling out McCown out on his numerous shots over the years on the Raptors Andrea Bargnani. The caller intimated that McCown made it personal and he called out McCown for his “vulgarity”.

Tonight’s post won’t dive much more into the details of this, but rather I’m interested in your opinion on it. My opinion (for what it’s worth!) – the answer lies somewhere in between. The caller picked up on McCown’s “sometimes over the top” opinion on Bargnani, while McCown defended himself, stating it isn’t personal, and that he is a host of a show, and as such, isn’t paid to have a vanilla opinion (my words).

I think McCown does get carried away on occasion, and thus it is easy to understand why a listener would form the opinion that the caller had. The question is should we as listeners be more cognizant that a radio host’s opinion can be confrontational and not get sucked into the debate, or should the radio host be more respectful of the subject he or she is opining on, and work on developing good dialogue on the subject rather than deviating to the typical talk radio huff’n’puff diatribe.

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