Canadian Sports Broadcasters Websites Suck


You know I’ve said this before, but in the race for best website between TSN and Sportsnet there is no winner. The last time a redesign of a website was as brutal as the Sportnet redesign was easily the Toronto Sun. Granted, the new Toronto Star website sucks too.

Who is designing these new sites?

What exactly look and feel are they trying to emulate?

The sites are ugly, not easy to navigate and most importantly they fail to highlight the one thing they are each good at, content creation.

The same genius who designed the Sportsnet website gets the blame for the latest iteration of the Fan 590 website. One word describes the usability of the site. Brutal.

Sportsnet’s websites were much cleaner and more importantly were easy to navigate. TSN’s is cluttered and quite simply a mess. There may be good content on there, but good luck finding it. Sportnet has dramatically moved backwards. Similarly, the Star has receded back to the same level of the Star.

What a digital mess for what’s supposed to be the media giants in our country.

All those involved should be ashamed.

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