Canadian Sports Broadcasters Websites Suck


You know I’ve said this before, but in the race for best website between TSN and Sportsnet there is no winner. The last time a redesign of a website was as brutal as the Sportnet redesign was easily the Toronto Sun. Granted, the new Toronto Star website sucks too.

Who is designing these new sites?

What exactly look and feel are they trying to emulate?

The sites are ugly, not easy to navigate and most importantly they fail to highlight the one thing they are each good at, content creation.

The same genius who designed the Sportsnet website gets the blame for the latest iteration of the Fan 590 website. One word describes the usability of the site. Brutal.

Sportsnet’s websites were much cleaner and more importantly were easy to navigate. TSN’s is cluttered and quite simply a mess. There may be good content on there, but good luck finding it. Sportnet has dramatically moved backwards. Similarly, the Star has receded back to the same level of the Star.

What a digital mess for what’s supposed to be the media giants in our country.

All those involved should be ashamed.

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March 14, 2013 2:52 am

The websites are trying to become a posting board of articles from the writers and broadcasters at the networks rather than being a central location where a sports fan can quickly get scores, standings and the like. Well-designed websites tend to have simple layouts. is a great site to get the best of both worlds…there are great articles than can be accessed down the right hand margin of the page and one can quickly get to the boxscores as well. For more general sports news and information, I use globesports (Globe and Mail), again…a very clean, simple layout and everything is easily accessible. If I have to go to a website and start searching for stuff, that usually ends up being my last visit.

March 14, 2013 3:37 am

I assumed The Fan’s new website was a work in progress. I hope so at least. Brutal otherwise.

itchy butt
itchy butt
March 14, 2013 6:32 am

God bless you! The new site is so awful I don’t bother to go there anymore.

March 15, 2013 11:57 am

You know nothing about design, so your opinion is rooted in your luddite ways. However, here goes:

The site is now tablet and phone friendly (known as ‘responsive’ – in layman’s terms: responding to the dimensions of your browser), so from and economical and usability standpoint, they make more sense and despite your ramblings are far easier to navigate.

The sites ALSO make better use of white space allowing important content to take precedence. I mean, really…does every sports site need to look like a cheesy 3rd jersey to appease you? Perhaps something more in line with a bigtop circus tent would do?

What classifies as a “good” website design? I’d like to see a mockups of your work. Push some pixels around on the screen and do a better job yourself by next week. Or are you more content being an armchair critic?

I don’t quite agree with the butchering of the sentence that reads “What exactly look and feel are they trying to emulate?”, but I probably wouldn’t have called it out if you weren’t as vocal about the “shame” those involved should feel.

itchy butt
itchy butt
March 15, 2013 12:48 pm

So I am guessing you were involved? If so, epic fail. It was effortless to navigate and find stuff before. Now I get a brain tumour trying to get around it. You used the word cheesy…. good word considering the Pizza Pizza ads are bigger than anything else.

Sorry to hurt your feelings. It sucks.

Stan Y
Stan Y
March 16, 2013 1:03 pm

@Brent: You do not know what you are talking about. Is every site that doesn’t aspire to ” look like a 3rd jersey” a success to you? If you are a designer you must not be very successful, unless your clients are idiots. Study the websites of The Score and the New Republic and learn something, you grinning chimpanzee. The new Sportsnet site is drek. Please look up the Yiddish meaning of that word, if you know how to.

March 18, 2013 12:15 pm

I rarely miss Prime Time Sports, especially the Round Table on Fridays.
On those rare occasions when I do miss it, I’ve been able to listen to the podcast on Saturday – catching up from the night before.
Except this past weekend and now please add me to the list of Haters of the new website. In addition to the complaints about format and content, I’ll complain about speed and relevance.
On Saturday I went to the website to retrieve Friday’s Prime Time podcast and the latest available was Thursday’s broadcast. Ditto on Sunday!
Oh, and I checked this morning and it is there now! Too late!
Who do I complain to?

March 18, 2013 12:21 pm

Say stranger, you know me pretty well. But seeing as I’m not successful and my clients are stupid, I’ll guess I’m just taking a stab at the effort that goes into something like this only to have people like you lot tear it down instantaneously.

Sure, let’s hold the new republic up as a standard. I quite like it, but it’s not without its faults. It’s buggy as hell and by and large, the images are useless. Check out one of their top stories right now. David Bowie. Behind a wall of white and text. Smart. The thing is: NR and SN are VERY different business models and need to be approached differently. But what do we know about that as outsiders…? Oh yeah…I guess we have to use common sense. Go figure.

As far as the score goes: I agree. I like their stuff. But I don’t think it’s any easier to use than the new SN. But then again, they’ve got a pretty myopic focus. Good on them. SN has a tonne more moving parts.

Someone earlier suggested it, so I should probably clarify: no, I didn’t work on the SN redesign. Though I have a feeling you wouldn’t know where to begin in taking on a project that large, but it’s cool. I’m sure you’re nice and comfy in your hole.

I’m unable to look up drek. Can you provide a link to google such that I can find this word? Before I forget…what’s a yiddish?

Since I’m asking questions…what do you do for a living? Is it as easy to tear your work to shreds?

Pass the bananas,
Love, Chimp.

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