Seen & Heard – March 14, 2013

by Rob G

As a semi life long resident of the GTA (all my “adult” life, since 1987), I shake my head at much of what I read, see and hear sports wise in this city.

First, hands up if you thought the Toronto Maple Leafs were a team that could win the Stanley Cup. Exactly, very few hands up, and to those that are up, give your head a shake. Next, hands up if you thought the Toronto Maple Leafs were a team that could make the playoffs. Yes, yes (saying this with my Mike “Pinball” Clemons impression), I expected more hands, but you all know that you raised your hands in a tenuous manner, right?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be aiming my cynical questions at you. Maybe it should be at the media, who of course have the need to drive call in, conversation, or page views, with the “is it time to call up Gardiner”, or “should Carlyle do this” discussions. Should we question the intelligence of Leafs Nation, given what you hear from not only hosts, but callers on sports radio? Some say Toronto is a hockey town, others say it is a Leafstown – frankly, I question both.

Now that the Leafs have lost their 4th game in a row, it will only get worse. We’re in full blown crisis mode. Everyone should step back and take a breath. This team, while improved, was life and death to make the playoffs. Can we be spared the crisis dialogue we’re going to hear until the next game, and beyond? Not a chance.

We’ve often heard debate about Detroit, and its title Hockeytown, and the merits of it in relation to Toronto. We often hear that Toronto is not a hockey town, but rather a Leaftown. Frankly, I have no doubt of that. It certainly isn’t a Hockeytown, the way I see it.

OK Leaf fans, to borrow from the great movie Airplane, “assume the crash position!” It’s crisis time!

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