Prime Time Sports Review for Wednesday, March 20, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Patrick Rishe, Forbes Magazine

  • Brunt asks what AEG is doing right now since they appear to be divesting themselves of assets, Rishe believes they are still a significant player to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles
  • Rishe talks about the difficulties of bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles
  • Bob asks Rishe if he’s heard anything about Phil Anschutz buying the San Diego Chargers and bringing them to Los Angeles, Rishe says he hasn’t but it makes sense to move that franchise
  • Brunt asks why AEG is trying to get rid of assets right now, Rishe says it might just be to simplify and streamline and that both the Kings and Galaxy are coming off championships and their value would be high
  • Bob asks why Anschutz would pull the Kings out of the deal, Rishe says that it sounds like there’s a power-struggle behind the scenes and people are trying to convince him to keep the Kings
  • Bob wonders why Tim Leiweke would be interested in the MLSE CEO job given that MLSE isn’t as big as AEG, Rishe says it could just be because there aren’t any better opportunities out there for him
  • Rishe thinks Leiweke would be perfect for the MLSE job because he makes a good face of the franchise

Second segment: Interview with Roberto Alomar, former Toronto Blue Jays player

  • Alomar talks about how proud he is of Puerto Rico’s performance at the World Baseball Classic
  • Alomar thinks that Puerto Rico’s success may change how people see the players in PR and realize how much talent there is
  • Alomar talks about how Jose Reyes is a great player and he liked playing with him
  • Brunt asks him about teaching the kids in the Jays system, Alomar talks about teaching them not just how to play baseball but in helping them in their lives and adjusting to being away from their families

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt discuss Mike Komisarek being put on waivers

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Pat Gillick, senior advisor to the Philadelphia Phillies

  • Gillick talks about what recruiting and scouting in the Dominican Republic looked like back when he and the Jays were doing it in the 80s
  • Bob asks if there’s a next “untapped” region to recruit ballplayers, Gillick says that it might be Africa
  • Gillick talks about Roy Halladay’s struggles, and the aging Phillies, thinks that they have another year in them, but they may have to look at rebuilding, which he calls “transitioning”
  • Gillick likes the Jays moves in the off-season, thinks they have a good team
  • Brunt asks Gillick what went wrong in Florida last year, Gillick says that sometimes teams that are good on paper don’t work out

Second segment: Interview with Glenn Healy, CBC hockey analyst

  • Healy talks about how Dave Nonis can get rid of players Brian Burke couldn’t as GM because he’s not the one who signed/traded for guys and has to tell the board that he wasted their money
  • Healy talks about how the union needs to agree to mandatory visors because players need to be protected

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about Brandon Morrow

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Sergio Santos, Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher

  • Santos talks about coming back from injury and that he doesn’t care if he’s the set-up guy or the closer
  • Santos says that the Jays aren’t talking about the expectations on them right now

Second segment: Interview with R.A. Dickey, Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher

  • Dickey talks about the World Baseball Classic and the atmosphere around it and how every game felt like it was important
  • Dickey is disappointed that the US team didn’t go further and become the first US team to win the WBC
  • Dickey says that the WBC was good for him and in pushing himself to be game-shape ready
  • Dickey would like to see more US players go to the WBC, but doesn’t know how to make them go
  • Bob asks what Dickey does to get prepared for the season, Dickey says he wants to practice throwing 7 innings and to throw half knuckleballs and half regular pitches so he can be ready in case the knuckleball doesn’t work
  • Bob asks Dickey if he’s ever been on a team as good as this on paper, Dickey says the Rangers team he was on was one of the best on paper and finished last, but he says this clubhouse is much better than the last one
  • Dickey says that on Texas it felt like Alex Rodriguez’s team but on the Jays it feels like everybody’s team

Third segment: Interview with Brandon Morrow, Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher

  • Morrow talks about the Jays teaching him to throw slower and gain more control
  • Brunt asks Morrow if it was difficult for him to adjust to having to learn control because in the lower levels of baseball, throwing hard can get batters out, Morrow says he never spent much time in the minors and was rushed up to the Mariners where he threw 97mph+ but couldn’t get it in the strike zone
  • Morrow is excited by the additions on the team


Cox seems to have vanished this week.  It’s been Bob and Brunt only for every day, so far.  Having Brunt for an extra hour a day, and guaranteed to be on every day, makes me happy, so I’ve been enjoying it.

Lots of baseball today.  Again, I wonder if this has affected the ratings vs. TSN radio, especially since Naylor would be talking about other things going on right now, like NCAA basketball, or the figure skating picture “controversy”.  Would this focus on Jays and baseball turn off non-baseball fans to try TSN, or are people in Toronto really interested in listening to a lot of Jays and baseball talk right now?

The Dickey interview was interesting, and I liked that he talks about the WBC and team USA.  All of the talk lately has been about the problems with the tournament and that the Americans don’t care, so it was neat to hear from an American who did play in it and wants to see more participation.  In general, Dickey is a really interesting interview whenever I’ve heard him on the radio.

Gillick’s interview was informative, and he gave a lot of good background about the Jays experiences recruiting Dominican players in the 80s.

I wasn’t that intrigued by either the Santos or the Morrow interviews, though Santos was more interesting because he’s coming back from injury and his exact role on the team (closer or set-up man) is still to be decided.  Brunt really missed on that question about Morrow not needing to develop control because he had just plowed his way through the minors in that he didn’t know Morrow had skipped the minors.

Here’s a Bruntism for you: Brunt talking about Alomar “thinking the game”.  He talks about it in almost exactly the same way each time, and it’s getting pretty repetitive.  Whenever he talks about Alomar, he brings it up, but because they’re in Dunedin right now, it’s been coming up a lot whenever he talks about players who “think” the game. xD

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