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Cliff Fletcher robbed the Calgary Flames in the Doug Gilmour deal.
Some think the Blue Jays robbed the Marlins in their most recent deal.
However, Mark Cohon may have just pulled off the greatest heist in Canadian sports history.

Cohon, the commissioner of the CFL(that’s the Canadian Football league for my new Seattle followers) just stole $30 million dollars from TSN in a new, five year deal for TV rights to the Canadian game.

I mean stole.

As one sports broadcast executive emailed me today, that’s $370k per game. There is NO way they can make money at that number.

This is rather bizarre move by TSN. One has to wonder just how desperate they are for broadcast content.

The league gushed that TSN was able to get this killer deal by virtue of being in period of exclusivity. Can you imagine how little they would have paid for the rights if others would have been allowed to bid. I mean honestly, who else would have bid? The CBC? Right. They are just rolling in the dough these days. Sportsnet? I don’t think there is any chance they pony up ANYWHERE near $30m

Now, I know one MSMer is going to email me tomorrow am, he always does when I tackle any CFL issue.

As I always tell him, this isn’t an anti CFL rant. If Cohon can extort $30m out of TSN, good for him. Good on him. Seriously. The guy should get a huge bonus from his bosses. Hell, MLSE should hire him as it’s next CEO.

Speaking of MLSE and CEO’s did you catch Michael Grange’s story on

Tim Leiweke would be a fascinating choice by MLSE to take over for Richard Peddie. However, the one thing Grange’s story confirms in my mind, is that very few people think the current boss Tom Anselmi is the, cough, cough, right guy for the job. What I want to see is how Bell and Rogers decide who the next head man will be.

New definition of sucker: Anyone that pays for Toronto Raptors tickets next season if the current regime is in place. The proposed ticket price is outrageous. The cost of doing business is always going up. To claim that’s the reason for the increase is insulting. This team, in a word sucks. I don’t care how passionate anyone is for the game or the team in Toronto, you give the franchise your hard earned money you are endorsing what little plan they have.

Being out west I don’t get to see many Maple Leaf weekday games. They start while I am still knee deep in meetings at the office. I don’t remember a time when a leafs team has in a similar situation standing wise and the fans were so disgruntled with the coach. Seriously, the army of leaf fans I follow on twitter who, thank you, keep me updated are ready to tar and feather Randy Carlyle . With Ron Wilson we always wanted his head, but mostly because his team, like his attitude sucked. If I am reading the tweets correctly, those in the know are telling me that the leafs current spot in mediocrity is despite Carlyle not because of him (if you know what I mean).

Lastly, two things I am sick and tired of hearing (or at least two):

1. NHL GM’s whining about how hard it is to make trades these days. The prices are too high, there are too many teams in contention….Shuuuuuuuut up please. You are GM’s. Your job is to improve your team. That’s it. You aren’t paid to whine. Shut up and make an old fashioned hockey deal. Go convince your competition that what you are offering what they should be buying. If you are good at your job you will do it.

2. The players aren’t prepared to mandate visors. No??? Okay then the league should mandate it for them. Enough said. Owners play the salaries. They have a right to protect, what did Jimmy D refer to the players as again, their cattle? Traditionally players have always sold the rookies and not yet players under the bus- hello rookie caps. This is the one time where they should absolutely do it again. If the players don’t get that, then the owners should 100% mandate it themselves.

Happy Friday!


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