Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, March 21, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays pitching prospect

  • Stroman talks about how he started pitching, and was converted from a fielder because he couldn’t hit anything with spin on it
  • Stroman talks about the different kinds of pitches he throws
  • Brunt asks Stroman about his drug suspension, he explains it was an over the counter supplement he bought and he didn’t know what was on it, says he’ll serve his suspension and then get back to pitching, says it won’t happen again

Second segment: Interview with Darren Oliver, Toronto Blue Jays reliever

  • This is a recorded interview from earlier, only Stephen Brunt is doing the interview
  • Oliver says that after seeing the moves the Jays made in the off-season, he got the itch again to pitch
  • Oliver says this is absolutely the last year for him
  • Oliver talks about what it’s like being much older than other players on the team
  • Brunt asks what are some of the mistakes baseball players make with their money, Oliver says financial decisions and trusting the wrong friends
  • Oliver says one of the best things he’s done is get a good financial advisor and learn how to say “no” and save his money
  • Oliver talks about wanting to take at least a year off after retiring and spending time with his family before deciding on his future

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about Ricky Romero’s terrible outing today
  • Brunt says that Alex Anthopolous sounded less adamant today that Romero will be in the rotation when the season starts
  • Bob thinks that they can’t start Romero in a season where you need to win every game and they should start Happ
  • Brunt suspects they will put Romero on the DL to start the season and then have him work out his problems in extended spring training

Second segment: Interview with Josh Johnson, Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher

  • This is a recorded interview from earlier, only Stephen Brunt is doing the interview
  • Johnson talks about his struggles last season and sorting stuff out coming back from injury
  • Johnson talks about how he feels switching from the NL to the AL, he says you still have to make your pitches and it might be better for him to keep focus on all the batters rather than having one batter (the pitcher) that feels like an easy out
  • Brunt asks if the 5 starters feel like a unit, Johnson says they do and they’re coming together and gelling
  • Brunt asks Johnson if his upcoming free agency is on the back of his mind, he says it’s not
  • Johnson says that the team he signs with in free agency will be a situation he feels comfortable in and an organization he likes being part of

Third segment: Interview with Jose Reyes, Toronto Blue Jays shortstop

  • This is a recorded interview from earlier, only Stephen Brunt is doing the interview
  • Brunt asks Reyes what it means to the Dominican Republic to win the World Baseball Classic, Reyes says that the country is really happy and people were calling him a lot
  • Brunt asks what it means to beat the US, Reyes says that to the players it was just another game, but to people in the DR it meant a lot
  • Reyes talks about coming back to more casual environment of spring training after playing hard in the WBC

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Paul Beeston, President & CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays

  • Beeston talks about the possibility of the Jays moving away from Dunedin for spring training, says that they’d prefer to stay here but they would prefer not to have two separated complexes for the minor and major leagues
  • Beeston takes a question from a listener about putting grass in the Rogers Centre, he says that the Jays want to put in grass
  • Brunt asks if they have been given permission by Rogers to look into putting in grass, Beeston says they have
  • Bob asks what is happening with Windows Restaurant, Beeston says they’ve gotten rid of it and opened it up as a place where any fan can go to during the game and watch it from there, and also make it a place where kids can be entertained while their parents watch the game
  • Beeston says that the policy for opening and closing the roof will not change
  • Bob asks if the Jays have ever had a pitcher who wanted the roof opened or closed when they were pitching, Beeston says they have, Brunt asks if it’s Roger Clemons, Beeston says it’s not
  • Bob asks if the Jays would do it for R.A. Dickey because Dickey has expressed a preference for a closed roof, Beeston says that they will open the roof if it’s a nice day

Second segment: Interview with Paul Beeston continues

  • Bob asks Beeston about the Jays bringing back a lot of former Jays to work with their kids, Beeston talks about the importance of player development
  • Brunt asks if the Jays can ask Rogers for more money during the season if they need to take on more money in a trade, Beeston says he believes they can
  • Brunt asks about the possibility of retaining Josh Johnson, Beeston says that it’ll be up to him but they hope to keep him
  • Bob asks if the off-season acquisitions were a reaction to John Farrell leaving, Beeston says they had nothing to do with it
  • Bob asks if Beeston has conversations with Anthopolous about players, specifically Ricky Romero, Beeston says he does, but he hasn’t talked to Anthopolous about him today
  • Beeston praises Romero’s tenacity and that they want to honor his loyalty
  • Beeston says they are hoping for about 2.5 million attendance

Third segment: Interview with Arash Madani, Sportsnet reporter

  • Madani talks about Ricky Romero struggling in his minor league game today


Jays. Jays. Jays. Jays. Jays. Jays. Jays. Let’s go see the Jays.  Jays.  Wanna see the Jays. Jays. Jays. I’m the best at Jays.  So many Jays. Gotta talk to all of them.  JAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYSSSS. (This will only make sense to Portal 2 fans.)

Wow, even for the Jays heavy load that Prime Time Sports has been doing lately, this was a LOT of Jays.  It was entirely Jays talk. o_o

If you like Jays talk and want to hear thoughts from players, I think this was a good show because the interviews were decent, and Brunt does a good job asking questions and talking to players about different things.  I liked the Oliver segment because Brunt approached it from a different angle, and about how Oliver’s handled himself financially, what he’s planning after retirement, etc…

Beeston was charming and opaque, as he often is.  When he didn’t want to answer the question, he managed to talk for quite a bit without really saying anything, like about Josh Johnson, Rogers spending more money, or whether the Rogers Centre will ultimately get real grass.

Bob was again trying to get somebody to back up his theory that the Jays spent all this money just to stick it to John Farrell leaving, but yet again, he didn’t get what he wanted.  It’s such a strange theory too, that the Jays would just do all of this just because one manager left them.

For people who are fans of Brunt but aren’t fans of Shannon or Cox, it sounds as if we’re going to get a rare roundtable tomorrow with Brunt, but not Cox or Shannon.  We know Madani will be on it, but not who the fourth will be.

Honestly, while I’m like a lot of Toronto baseball fans, and I can’t wait for the start of the Jays season, I’m getting completely Jays’ed out from Prime Time Sports in Dunedin.  I’m glad they’re going back to Toronto. xD

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