Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups

Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups


Here’s your drive lineup for your listening enjoyment this am:

On 590 with Greg Brady and Jim Lang:

720 Scott Morrison
740 Butch Carter
820 James Hinchcliffe
840 Jack Edwards

On TSN radio with Mike Richards




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    Darrell 6 years ago

    Am I alone in finding Jeff Blair’s show hard to listen to – a lot more recently than ever before? How many times in a 3 hour time span can we hear and I quote, “It’s 11 AM and you are listening to, ah, the Jeff Blair Show!”? Think about how many times he says those words, “ah, the Jeff Blair Show!” in a given day?

    He sounds borderline bored on the air. TSN Radio has gotten my listening habits more for the morning lately – until Tim + Sid come on the FAN.

    Tim + Sid should be moved to the morning show – and slide someone else into Blair’s spot.

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    Kamlesh 6 years ago

    As a Matt Cauz fan I thought that Cauz and Bob Mackowycz might be a terriific show if they had any chemistry together. Today’s show was proof of that. This has to be the fastest 3 hours on radio. Not only is it better than Blair’s show but after a week this is easily the best show on either 590 or 1050 (maybe North America). Last week, Mark Hebscher tweeted about liking the Macko and Cauz show. A couple of weeks ago even Jim Lang tweeted Cauz. Is Lang listening on his drive home?

    Today’s show had vintage Cauz, with his rants against Pandas and Biblical frogs. Mackowycz typically had a series of intelligent and funny lines. And Michael Landsberg was outstanding as always.

    They had The Specials give A message to you Rudy (Gay).

    Mark Zecchino cut through the crap about Sergio Garcia’s shot by saying, “If you’re hitting a ball from the top of a tree chances are you’re not in command of your golf swing.”

    Martin Amis once wrote that to think that Shakespeare isn’t the greatest writer is the mark of a third rate mind. To paraphrase, the same could be said for any similar judgements against the Macko and Cauz show.

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    sam in oshawa 6 years ago

    have to agree about Macko and Cauz great radio, Blair has been hard on the ears for quite some time now…

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    Kamlesh, you are very funny. If you ever meet Matt Cauz he should buy you a beer.

    I enjoy Blair, mostly because I think he’s particularly clued in to baseball. Giving him a cohost wouldn’t be the worst thing. I guess Hayhurst will be joining him for an hour a day soon.

    I heard a bit of Macko/Cauz today and I thought it was decent. Mackowycz isn’t my cup of tea though.

    I will definitely say that Macko/Cauz > Macarthur and Naylor >>>> Cybulski, so good on TSN for improving their product. I still don’t have a real interest in listening to Richards or Hayes.

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    Another Steve 6 years ago

    Well, many people rightly regard Martin Amis is a third-rate author – and certainly inferior to his father, who was no better than average himself. While the premise for the his first novel The Rachel papers was great, the novel “in toto” and his writing, however…not so much.

    That’s all I have to say on the subject, other than to add that I happen to like the Blair show, thanks very much.

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    Another Steve 6 years ago

    Just hearing Bob’s opening comments on PTS – and hoping that someone will tell him that Milos is scheduled to play within the next two hours.

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    Since i cant listen live anymore, blair’s show is good when you only listen to the good guests and topics and avoid crap guests and call segments.