Seen & Heard – Wednesday, March 27, 2013

by Rob G

Hey folks, it’s been awhile since I posted something of substance, and apologies for that. Perhaps I was blinded by the Blue Jays “love-in” the past 2 weeks. Some might say I haven’t ever posted anything of substance, but I digress…

Tonight, my recommendation is short but sweet. TSN Drive’s interview of Leaf’s coach Randy Carlyle just after 5pm was fantastic. Host Dave Naylor and co-host Steve Simmons asked the right questions to derive great dialogue. Further, Carlyle was upfront about how he was with the media in Anaheim vs. how he is in this hockey market. He admitted that being in Toronto means 1/3 of his job entails dealing with the media. This is a far cry from the previous head coach, who often held his nose while dealing with the media. To be clear, this part of the job isn’t always productive, nevertheless, it is a necessary evil, and Carlyle has recognized that.

But what I really appreciate about Carlyle is how he deals deftly with the questions head on. Simmons questioned Carlyle about how in Anaheim he was allegedly hard on then youngsters Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry while they were on their Stanley Cup run. Carlyle addressed the question, but didn’t aggressively attack the query about how he was hard on the youngsters. He gave context on the situation, and maturely addressed Simmon’s assertion regarding his tact with the youngsters.

What I really appreciated about the Carlyle interview was his admission that dealing with the Toronto media is a big part of his role as the Leaf’s coach. Carlyle’s understanding of the marketplace, and how to operate in it, is exponentially better than how former coach Ron Wilson carried himself in the marketplace.

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