Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, April 8, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro, hosts of Tim & Sid, Sportsnet590

  • Bob, Tim and Sid talk about various non-sports topics, then talk about sports cards

Second segment: Interview with Jeff Blair, Globe & Mail sports columnist, host of The Jeff Blair Show, Sportsnet590

  • Bob and Blair talk about the Jays and R.A. Dickey’s struggles, Blair thinks that Dickey will not be as good in the A.L. East because hitters very patient
  • Blair thinks the best pitcher on the Jays will be Brandon Morrow, Bob agrees
  • Bob and Blair discuss the Maple Leafs

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, John Shannon co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Shannon shares his memories of Johnny Esaw
  • Bob and Shannon discuss former Rutgers’ coach Mike Rice’s abuse of basketball players, Bob criticizes the NCAA and their priorities and punishments

Second segment: Interview with Rob Becker

  • Bob asks Becker if there could be legal action taken against Mike Rice, and if it’d have to come from a player, Becker says that the state could charge him with assault if it hasn’t been longer than the statute of limitations
  • Becker says that the players may have a case for a civil suit because in the eyes of the law, taking abuse from your coach would not be considered something you consent to when you play basketball
  • Shannon asks Becker what the media coverage in the New York area about this situation, Becker says it’s been big news and has transcended the sports section
  • Bob asks if Rutgers could face any punishment, Becker says he could see the NCAA doing something because the athletic director didn’t act when he found out until the media made it an issue
  • Becker talks about MLB suing the wrong person in their steroid investigation

Third segment: Interview with Daniel Nestor, Canadian doubles tennis player

  • Nestor talks about Canada’s historic win on Sunday that advanced their team to the semi-finals of the Davis Cup

6pm hour – Roundtable discussion with Bob McCown, John Shannon and Jim Hughson

First segment: What happens in Vancouver with Roberto Luongo?

  • Bob wonders if the Canucks will be forced to buy out Luongo, Hughson thinks it will be hard for Gillis to approach the owner with that
  • Hughson says that the Canucks originally thought that they’d keep Luongo long term and deal Corey Schneider when they gave Luongo his contract
  • Bob asks who would be the best match up for Vancouver between Chicago, Anaheim and Los Angeles, Hughson says Chicago or Anaheim because Los Angeles are physical and will pound the Canucks’ skill players

Second segment: What’s going on with the NHL participation in Sochi?

  • Shannon says that now the NHL and IIHF are looking at the logistical issues of Sochi, travel arrangements, etc…
  • Bob wonders about putting the Junior Hockey championship as the Olympics, Hughson says that may work for Canada but the rest of the world wouldn’t like it
  • Shannon says that the NHL going to Sochi is political payback to appease the Russians and NBC, and after this Olympics, there may not be NHL participation in future ones
  • Shannon and Hughson talk about how great NBC has been in promoting hockey in America
  • Shannon says it’ll take a generation to grow hockey in America, Bob does his usual rant about how Americans have seen hockey and they aren’t interested in it, Shannon says that’s only because they haven’t done hockey broadcasts right in the past

Third segment: Unofficial Prime Time Bullets

  • Roundtable briefly discusses the Winter Classic, Shannon thinks there should be many more outdoor games at once on that day
  • Bob talks about Alex Ovechkin’s resurgence, Shannon thinks it was because the Winnipeg Jets’ crowd chanted “Crosby’s better, Crosby’s better” at Ovechkin during a game and it made him mad
  • Bob asks Hughson what he thinks of this year’s edition of the Blue Jays compared to the 1992 World Series winning Jays, Hughson says they don’t have the same bullpen


I know others enjoy the Tim, Sid and Bob “lifestyle” discussions, and sometimes I do, but today’s I found pretty boring.   Also, Bob and his “you know how women are…” thing led to me tuning most of it out.  The Blair segment was just briefly touching on the Jays and Leafs, so I didn’t find that very intriguing either.

The one interview I did find informative was the Becker segment and him discussing the Rutger’s situation.  On Friday, I said I was surprised that Bob didn’t say anything about it given his passion about how the NCAA treats its student athletes, and today we saw that passion in both the opening 5pm segment with Shannon and the Becker interview.

The hockey roundtable was okay.  I liked that various hockey topics were discussed and it wasn’t about the Leafs at all.

The Bobisms were out in full force today with him getting to do his “Americans have seen hockey and they don’t care about hockey!” routine and talk about how the 1992 Blue Jays felt they could come back from any score no matter what.

I know Hughson was talking specifically about Henke and Ward, but I find it interesting he picked on the bullpen when that’s been about the only highlight for the Jays (that and Reyes) for opening week.

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