Fans Have The Right To Boo


Can we get over this whole oh my god I can’t believe fans are booing stuff once and for all?

Did you read the total crap written in the Star yesterday? No, not another gem by Rosie.

“If we want to be understanding about it, the act of booing your own team comes from a frustrated place of encouragement.
“I expected you to be good, and you’re not. Be better. Or else.”
On this basis, there is no more angrily encouraging city in North America than the one we live in.”

What a total bunch of garbage.

I mean, Toronto gets ripped for not having ESPN. Toronto gets ripped because the suits aren’t loud enough in the ACC. Toronto gets ripped for booing fans. We’ve been told hitting the road is good for the jays to get away from the circus.

A boss of mine always said that you can’t suck and blow at the same time.

People spend hard earned money on tickets (in some cases) or they are sitting in someones seats that paid for them and there is an expectation of a level of effort and performance. I don’t recall too many teams who played really hard and got booed in losing. (I’m sure several of you will point out where I am wrong).

Here’s a novel idea stop writing the booing stories. Dickey makes big bucks. He’s absolutely sucked so far. Expectations are high and performance so far is low. He’s a big boy, they all make big money, it’s enough already.

At least people care enough to go. Where’s that story????

Bob Elliott hit the nail on the head in his article yesterday in the Sun:

“After 17 pitches, the Boston Red Sox led by five runs and on their way to a 13-0 win over the Blue Jays, a complete butt kicking in the finale of their three-game series at the Rogers Centre.

And so endeth the first home stand.

It’s the first time the Jays have dropped back-to-back series at home since 2004 when they lost three straight — to the Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles and Boston — on the way to a 67-win season and a last-place finish in the American League East. How big will the crowd be when the Jays return home from a trip to Detroit and Kansas City to play the Chicago White Sox on April 15?

If Dickey keeps throwing like he did Sunday, it won’t be anywhere near the 41,168 who watched the Red Sox light up the Jays for six home runs.”

While it may not be time to panic, if this trend (however short it may last) continues to when the team comes home, the Skydome will be 3/4 empty again.

The best thing the Jays have going for them so far? The fact the maple leafs may be playoff bound.

On that note, I really laughed reading Bruce Arthur’s column on the leafs, warning you may need a statistician’s degree to follow along….I was told there’d be no math….

“Over 82 games, it might fall apart. Over 48? The Leafs will make the playoffs for the first time since Twitter and Facebook were available to the public”

Did you see or hear Richie Rich Doug MacLean today?

It’s Hazel Mae’s job to clean the studio….

All class MacLean…..

I see he’s on the fan tomorrow, I guess no repercussions for comments like that.

What’s the old saying, you can take MacLean out of hockey but…..

Happy Wednesday….


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