Brief Toronto Sports Radio Ratings


I will get you more later, but here is some brief numbers for March.


m25-54 fan 6.8 (down from 8.1)
tsn 2.5 (down from 2.9)
m 18-34 Tsn 1.9 (down from 2.5)
tsn 4.9 (up from 4.3)

afternoon drive:

m 25-54 fan 8.8 (down from 11.3)
tsn 2.4 (flat from 2.4)

m 18-34 fan 1.9 (down from 2.9)
tsn 4.7 (up from 3.9)

Strange to see such a big drop for Mccown. I wonder why he dropped from an 11.3 to an 8.8.

I will get more info and put into the chart

I was going to do a Raptors end of season rant but there wasn’t enough material out there!

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